How Soon is now?

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Last Wednesday, in a parallel universe, Wigan Athletic appointed Malky Mackay as their manager. At the resulting press conference, Mackay was revealed to the local and national media, flanked by Chairman Dave Whelan and Chief Executive Jonathon Jackson.

Pleading for patience, Whelan stated “I know Malky coming in as manager might shock some of you, but I’m a football man, he’s a football man and this is a football decision. We know that the FA are looking into incidents from Malky’s past and we’ll deal with whatever they come up with when they make their decision, but for now I think he’s the man to turn this team around and I ask you to trust me”.

Jackson then read from a prepared statement.

“Wigan Athletic are aware of the ongoing FA investigation into incidents that occurred whilst Malky Mackay was manager at Cardiff City. We want to make it clear that we support this investigation and that we do not condone acts of discrimination in any way, shape or form.”

“We have a long standing and well respected reputation for our work in the community and have been actively working with the “Kick it Out” campaign to educate our young footballers on equality and diversity issues.”

“We are also aware that Malky has been undertaking a similar education programme of his own volition and encourage him to continue that process with our help and support.”

“The decision to appoint Malky has been made for football reasons and we ask you to respect that and recognise that his role at Wigan Athletic allows him to continue his rehabilitation within the game”

“We also ask you allow him the space and time to complete that process. We are a club renowned for giving people successful second chances. Whilst we appreciate that some of you may feel that it is too soon for Malky to be offered this second chance we ask that you judge him on his actions from now onwards rather than than what has happened previously”

“Finally, we would like to make it clear that neither the club not Malky will be commenting on the incidents under investigation by the FA or the investigation itself, until it has concluded.”

Jackson then asked the journalists present to bare that in mind as he opened the floor up to questions for the incoming Latics boss...

If only, eh? If only…

Have fun

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