I blame Roberto Martinez

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A few reasons why #iblamerobertomartinez

#iblamerobertomartinez for choosing to take the thankless task of being the Wigan Athletic manager after we’d been abandoned by Steve Bruce and no one else exactly sprung forward to volunteer.

#iblamerobertomartinez for accepting the job of reducing a growing wage bill whilst trying to keep Wigan Athletic in the barclayspremierleague.

#iblamerobertomartinez for caring about Wigan Athletic, the football club that he kept a place in his heart for even though he’d been forced out of it as a player.

#iblamerobertomartinez for trying to rebuild a football club from the youth-team up that had been eaten away by almost 15 years of short term thinking and glory chasing.

#iblamerobertomartinez for being proud that Wigan Athletic get crowds of 17,000 rather than being ashamed that we don’t fill our stadium.

#iblamerobertomartinez for taking an inexperienced bunch of young pros and trying to mould them into a side that plays and thinks like a bigger team.

#iblamerobertomartinez for having principles and having the balls to stick to them in the face of difficult times.

#iblamerobertomartinez for trying to play football in a intelligent, attractive way rather than hitting and hoping for percentages like people expect from clubs like Wigan.

#iblamerobertomartinez for turning down the chance to manage a bigger club, with a bigger budget for a bigger salary to stick with what he’s got at our club and try to finish the job he’s started.

#iblamerobertomartinez for looking at and selling the positives of our club in public rather than getting down because of our shortfallings.

#iblamerobertomartinez for having the gall to stand in front of fans and openly discuss his hopes, fears and plans fully in the knowledge that some of them would happily see him sacked in the morning.

#iblamerobertomartinez for not being perfect, infalable or being able to magic a team of world beaters from nothing.

And most of all…

#iblamerobertomartinez for keeping Wigan Athletic in the Premier League for the last two seasons and getting his head down to try and get us an eigth year at the top.


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