How do Latics compete with the Warriors?

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This one is for lazy hacks everywhere, and you know who are …

… Wigan Athletic’s game against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend drew an attendance of just 18,788. This is percieved as ‘appalling’ by yourselves, and you then also almost cream yourselves by reiterating the fact that (in your opinions) Wigan is indeed a rugby town and little ole Latics will always have a hard time winning any sporting popularity contest.

You’re not wrong are you? 

After all, the last two Wigan Warriors home attendances were 12,893 and a mind blowing 6,790!  This then is a combined total of 19,683.  Which means there were 895 more speccies at two major rugby games than the single game against a London based team at Latics.  Bear in mind that one of these games was against St Helens which is the ‘fiercest and most famous derby game in rugby league, nay the world’), then I suppose the dear old Klumps (as they are affectionately known to the vast majority of the town’s sports fans) didn’t do too badly!

Now factor in the fact that Tottenham brought 4,000 supporters to the Wigan Athletic football stadium and there were 5,000 (at least) combined away supporters for the thugby (another common and appropriate nickname of the sport) and you find that in terms of home support the Klumps couldn’t muster up as many home spectators for two games than Latics did for one!

Can you imagine how many Kleenex tissues you’d need if Latics got less than 13,000 on for a major game against Manchester United?  I rest my case.

Obviously the Klumps’ attendances being compared to a Latics ‘run of the mill’ game is unfair, so perhaps we can now compare like for like.  I’ll take for example the Australian Rugby League play off games then. 

The crowd at Wests Tigers was a mere 49,000, there was an attendance of 31,000 at Manly and a capacity crowd of 29,000 were at Melbourne!

Oh dear, they don’t fare too well on that score either do they? I don’t suppose there’s a chance of any of you printing this in your rags?

Thought not! 

The accompanying photographs show a world famous Klump being tackled by another world famous Klump with the bouncing crowd really appreciating the pulse tingling tension! The other one shows a sparse looking Wigan Athletic football stadium crowd watching some mediocre non event! 

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