Is Wigan’s Roberto going anywhere? Barcelona, Olympiacos, Spurs?

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Roberto Martinez,  has been making headlines, no not for beating the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United & Liverpool.  But speculation headlines on where he’ll be asking his Estate Agent where he want’s his next House to be?

So with the knowledge that (& remember this is all speculation) Harry looks like he’s going to manage England, Olympiacos need a new Manager and the Diamond encrusted hot seat at Camp Nou may be vacated.  These teams may or are currently looking for a new Manager.

All these stories means our Bob with all his recent results may have his name penciled in as a potential?

For Olympiacos, Roberto has already pushed that speculation to one side, saying we need to concentrate on the next match against Newcastle.

For Spurs, again another interesting story, though by all accounts Brendan Rodgers looks like he may be leaving Wales.

But and it is a big But, if  Sandro Rosell or Ramon Marimon would give Dave Whelan a call, Sandro, Ramon you’d need to start your number 0044 1942 ….., what would happen?  Barcelona have done it before in bringing in a young Manager in Pep Guardiola back in 2008 and he’s been rather successful.  I think if Wigan got that call, you may find Roberto’s heart strings would definitely be pulled.

This is of course all pure speculation, Barcelona have a press conference later today to cover Pep’s future, so we’ll see what happens?

Roberto also has the job in hand to maintain Wigan’s Premier League status, just if he does ‘maintain it’, it may be at a cost to Wigan fans, as we reluctantly see him waving goodbye!

Again let me state this, it’s all speculation, just as the Manager Musical chairs start and they will start, don’t be surprised if Bob is asked more questions about his own future as opposed to Wigan’s Premier League future in the next few days.


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