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This morning, I expressed the views that a) Latics were unlikely to sign any one else and b) there was a fair chance that Jason Koumas would be out of the door before the transfer window closed. If he hadn’t taken the time out of his busy schedule to ring me last week, I’d now be convinced that Steve Bruce was deliberately trying to make a liar out of me.

Firstly, a new story has surfaced, linking Latics with a bid for the wonderfully named Argentine striker German Denis. This sounds more like a nickname and hopefully gives us a clue to how easily it will be to get a work permit, but I guess not.

The 25 year old has hit a rich vein of form this season hitting 18 goals in the first half of the Argentinean league, although that is seemingly the high point of his career so far. His club, Independiente, claim to have received a formal bid from Latics, but would like to hang onto him until June.

The cliché that football is a funny old game is truer in South America than anywhere else though and there are enough examples out there to suggest that his current saleability and European involvement could see other influences mean that the decision is taken out of the club’s hands.

Closer to home, and repeating the ‘a developing story is one with substance’ line, our rumoured interest in Oliver Kapo has proved enough to warrant a response from both club and player. McLeish insists he’s not for sale and Kapo that he’s not going anywhere, although there are enough ‘buts’ in there to suggest that there’s more to come. Bruce was the man who signed Birmingham’s top scorer so Latics may have an edge should it get to the bidding stage.

Finally, Latics’ manager has told up that he doesn’t want to sell anyone, and that no clubs have been in touch about Jason Koumas. That’s bad news for any Celtic, Sunderland or Blackburn fans eyeing up the midfielder as a bargain but doesn’t strictly rule out a swap deal that would improve our squad. I still don’t think a straight swap is on, but wouldn’t be surprised if Koumas is used as part of an attempt to get Reid to the JJB.

Then again I’d probably be best off keeping to my own advice and not getting involved in speculation that can only lead to egg on my keyboard.

Just in case, here are Denis, denis’s goals from this season.


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