Kebab Kings

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We’re back once again with the… errr… ex-local journo.

The pie at night crew have taken to the pubs again, microphone and Jimmy’s menu in hand. This time, we’re back in Wigan Central and Jimmy, Alan, Chris and Ian are joined by Greg Farrimond, ahead of his move “darn sarf” and spend a couple of hours talking about the usual sort of stuff.

We find out who won our “best local band that nearly made it” poll, think about how well Latics are set for the season, talk about alien subjects like supper and R***y and find out how close Dylan has come to being deported, so far, on his honeymoon.

There’s a sprinkling of Olympics, cricket and, oh, the emporium of sh*te turns its attention to the letter D (watch out for the poll on twitter later today).

All that, and some other stuff too. What more excuse do you need to go and sit in the shed for a couple of hours. As always you can find us on your favourite podcast app by searching “The Pie at Night” or on Buzzsprout, see below.

WARNING contains copious amounts of Het Uiltje, Me, Myself and IPA (a stunning, Dutch 7% double IPA).

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Kebab Kings

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