Mudhutter Issue 58 on sale today

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MFE58 cover

We’re back! With another brand new issue containing the same old gubbins. Bagg! Tat! Horseman! Topping! Oh and the return of an old favourite perhaps? You’ll just have to buy it and see.
We consider expectations for the new season, the demise of the VHS cassette, the definitive guide to summer BBQing and the storm brewing over ticket pricing. There’s plenty of new and returning contributors and, as ever, an eclectic mix of the serious and humorous to give you that alternative piece of paper to look at when you’re head is in your hands because the match isn’t quite going to plan.
As ever, thanks to everyone who contributed and thanks to everyone who continues to support us by buying it.
Yes, money I hear you cry! And if you haven’t clicked off by now (I said CLICKED!) then here’s how you procure your fabulous Mudhutter for the season ahead:
A full five issue subscription for 2016/17 is available here for just £10 printed including free P&P or £7 digital PDF thingy:
Not feeling quite that frivolous? Well, you can always just buy this issue for a mere £2.00 or £1.49 for an online copy. Click here to buy:
Failing that, the usual bunch of jovial miscreants will be stood on the bridge and outside Rigalettos before the game today desperately trying to avoid eye contact with you and flog you their wares.
Or the mag will start to appear in the shops over the weekend: Sparks Newsagent on Wallgate, Waterstones, The Brickmakers Arms and the Northern Beer Temple. And possibly some other place I forgot.
As for that cover, well it certainly gets our manager’s brother’s seal of approval.


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Mudhutter Issue 58 on sale today

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