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Yes, we’re back and it’s all a bit football specials, if Latics players were Game of Thrones characters, conspiracy theories, Twitter mafia, Admiral kits, from pizza advertisers to England coaches, Ninian Park, Championship Manager plus all the usual features: Bagg, Topping, Horseman and Tat.

Still priced at two quid, it’s the usual cacophony of nonsense, nostalgia and careful consideration of the current circumstances. You can buy it in all the usual shops or you can buy it online here:

Or if you prefer, you can always accost one of our sellers on the bridge or outside Rigalettos at the match today, they may well be in a jovial mood given the opportunity to get a winter coat out for the first time this year. But be warned, if they’re smiling, it usually means they’ve trumped. Do not feed the monkeys indeed.

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