Left foot, right foot, head #1 – 02.07.10

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We’re all football fans here, aren’t we?  So you get the left foot, right foot, head thing?  It’s your perfect hat-trick, it’s our new feature and just to be completely contrary, it’s got nothing to do with hat-tricks, goals or football particularly.  It’s just another excuse for us to shove some music down your throats under the guise of (sort of current affairs), so you take an event, a period in time, a story or what have you, come up with three songs and tenuously link them back to what you started with.

Simple as, hopefully you’ll enjoy it, maybe even join in, but to get the ball rolling Let’s have a look at the sporting weekend and see where we end up.

Spanish Dance Troupe – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
I’d picked this one before the match, honest.  It was meant to be about Murray v Nadal, but as my lethargy means I’ve only just got around to typing I’ll switch it’s allegiance purely to Nadal in tribute to his impersonation of a brick wall in his none shall pass performance against the Scot.


Dreadlock Holiday – 10CC
“I don’t like cricket, I love it!” and it’s a bloody good job too as it’s possibly the only way we’re going to get any sporting joy this summer.  Saturday is hopefully going to see Strauss and the boys finish their demolishment of the Aussies, not quite a whitewash but maybe it’ll do ahead of the Ashes this winter and definitely ahead of the visit from Pakistan starting later this month.  The only problem, I thought this was going to be my Sunday ‘getting over a hangover’ viewing, turns out it’s on Saturday, Bugger!


The Gambler – Johnny Cash
Getting the most obvious question out of the way first, I’ll be blatantly honest, Johnny Cash is cooler than Kenny Rogers int he?  The answer to the second most obvious is, no it’s nothing to do with the World Series of Poker.  It’s an extremely shoddy pun on polka, more specifically the Paraguayan polka.  It’s Paraguay v Spain on Saturday evening and your correspondent is off into Manchester supporting La Albirroja and taking in the fan park at Castlefield.  It might sound on the corporate side, but hopefully be awash with Latin atmosphere.

If not, there’ll always be beer.

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