You wait ages for a bos…

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A familiar pose from a popular goal scorer?

…and then Juve start sniffing around your best player.

So there you have it, 1st June, contracts are ending and the window is thrown open (found yourself a club yet, Paul?).  Latics jumped the gun a bit, announcing the signing of Mauro Boselli from Argentine giants Estudientes or Boca Juniors, one or the other, or both on Wednesday.  (Imagine how complicated South American Panini albums must be, dies Kia Joorabchian have his own page as well as each club?).  Still you can’t blame them for the excitement, not because they managed to close a deal with hardly any fuss but because they’ve bagged a striker with a better than average scoring rate from a better than average league.

Boselli’s 32 goals in his latest 57 game spell at Estudientes were allegedly enough for United to have a peak at him and whilst their interest probably ended there, Latics have fought off clubs from England and Germany to get their man.  All very promising and certainly enough to get some of our fans’ juices flowing, you can feel the expectancy growing with every message board post and by the time the season starts the man from Buenos Aires better be our lord and saviour or the East Stand boo boys will certainly be getting on his back. 

I wonder if I can get a spread bet on the first “F*** of you Argie B******!” from ES2?

So now we’ve got someone who can get on the end of chances we’ll be flying, just imagine Charles N’Zogbia whipping the… what?  Oh right.  Stories are now linking the mercurial (no I don’t, I’ve just always wanted to use it) Frenchman with the Old Lady of Italian football (or the Notts County Supporters Club Turin brand if you prefer).  If there’s anything in this then I assume we’ll be waving goodbye, it’s one thing laughing at Birmingham’s efforts to out-psyche Latics, but when you talk about “Big Clubs” then Juve tick almost every box. 

Hopefully, if it does happen then it won’t drag on.  As promising as Victor Moses may be, I’d be concerned about heaping so much responsibility on him so early and I would imagine that a winger will quickly become a priority for Bobby.  But then again, there’s still no word on our old muckers Koumas, Kapo and De Ridder, I think they still have a year apiece left and it’s almost a bigger concern that Bobby might think they’re worth another go at redemption than losing N’Zogbia might be.

I’ll tie a nice little bow on the top of this round up by mentioning James McArthur, who’s all but a Latics player according to stories (and will double the number of people who can understand Gary Caldwell), and Jonathon Routledge who’s signed a one year deal and is aiming to be the first youth teamer to establish himself in the Latics first team for a good while.

Speak soon.,,10429~2080790,00.html

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