Left foot, Right foot, Head #9 – 21.12.12

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OK, I know you’re not going to remember this, but it was (almost) a regular thing back in my Not A Patch On days and Jordi’s three goals the other week got me thinking about it again.  You get the “Left foot, right foot, head” thing already; it’s a perfect hattrick, right?   To be completely contrary, this has got nothing to do with hat-tricks, goals or football particularly.  It’s just an excuse for us to shove some music down your throats under the guise of (sort of) current affairs.

I take the week, the next game or, if you’re lucky, something less obvious and pick three songs to provide a tenuous link back to the theme.  It’s a bit of fun and you can feel free to join in.  If you’ve got your own perfect hattrick just give us a shout and we’ll see about putting it up on the site.

Anyway, enjoy this week’s theme, which is, erm… this week, and no I’m not throwing REM in the mix.

I wish it could be Arsenal everyday

Obviously I don’t, no matter how many good memories we’ve got against them, they’ve still beaten us 13 times to 3, but we do usually get a decent game, with a fair bit to keep you interested.  Last season’s game at the DW was definitely the exception to that rule but you know that things can’t always be what they used to be. 

Like Christmas songs…

Which leads nicely into this “blast from the past” and (puts on corny DJ voice) let’s hope that the Latics can show us some Wizzard-ry tomorrow.



Roger the Red

What a nickname for any footballer to have, the sort of thing that might have been celebrated in the seventies or eighties, but in the sanitary world of the barclayspremierleague what sort of role model is it setting for the kids.  The vilification that Michael Brown got just because he now plays for Leeds who happened to have a game against Chelsea this week shows just how much of a different view we have of, erm,  tenacity these days, especially when you’ve got a “reputation” to go with it.

So let’s welcome Roger Espinoza to Wigan Athletic, a player who is “going to get cards, because I play hard and always try to win the ball. The way I look at it, the majority of times, you’re going to win games if you outwork the other team, so I don’t mind if I have to take a couple cards on occasion for that” coming to a club with a habit of getting the rough end of the stick from men in black.  It looks like it’s going to be fun…



The Road is Long

The last time Peter Hooton was in the running for Christmas Number one, he was pipped to the post by Cliff Richard’s “Saviour’s Day”, a horribly insipid piece of pop tosh.  For many reasons (at least 96 of them) don’t let it happen.


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