Left Foot, Right Foot, Header #10 – Cup and Buy

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The thing about regular features is that you have to do them regulalrly, or else they’re just… irregular.  And no one wants irregular features, well maybe not no one, but we don’t really get many Mansons or Gagas down at the DW.  Anyway I digress… it’s time for another perfect hat-trick and as it’s January there are only two things worth talking about.  The transfer window SLAMMING open and the FA cup third round  so with no more a do, let’s get on with the show.

Left foot – Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Yes, we can buy players again, and sell them and even if we don’t we can talk about it, worry about it and moan like hell about who we haven’t bought and who we haven’t sold.  We can jump on every petty rumour and hang on the every word of anyone who uses the letters ITK in their Twitter profile.

The madness of the transfer window would be great if it could be contained within Jim White Day, but no, like Christmas, Halloween and everything else these days, it starts waaay to early and goes on for way too long.  Like a lot of Pink Floyd songs, but not so much this one.

The connection?  Well apart from the title sounding like every manager’s opening transfer negotiation and every fan’s attempt to make their favourite transfer target wanted, the opening line says it all really.  “so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell”, I’ve never quite worked out which the transfer window is.



Right Foot – Anton McCann – Demons

Every transfer window, the press decides that one of our players is too good to be wearing the tree and crown.  One little whisper and all of a sudden, fans of other clubs are all over the player like we’ve only been keeping him warm for them and all sorts of daft transfer fees are being mentioned.  Our fans’ inbuilt distrust of the chairman’s weakness for large checks mean that all hell breaks loose from that point onwards, until either the player is sold, or the window closes, without even a half serious enquiry being made.

This January, James McCarthy’s name has come out of the ITK tombola, closely followed by Arsenal and £8m.  That’s despite him being worth twice that and clubs like Arsenal being smart enough to know that he’s better off serving his time at Latics for a little while longer yet.

The song?  We it’s a personal recommendation from the man himself @jamesmccarthy_4 reckons this is the next big thing.  Personally I think it sounds a bit Scottish, which is to say it’s Earnest Guitar Pop, which is good, if you like Earnest Guitar Pop.



Header – Two Gallants – Steady Rollin’

Another personal recommendation, this time from slowly emerging legend and about the only genuine cup success story to come out of the club so far this season, Roman Golobart.  He cast himself in a good light against Bournemouth on Saturday, just like he’s been doing on twitter over the last couple of weeks, I’m not going to link to his account because I don’t really want to test his promise to delete his account when he gets to 1,000 followers, but he reckons this is beautiful.

He might have a point, it’s certainly worth a listen or several


Have fun.

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