Left foot, right foot, header #8 – QPR (h)

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Well, it’s back. The regular feature that you didn’t know you’d missed and it’s a been a bit difficult what with very little going on, well at least very little on the Latics side of the fence. Today’s opponents have been a bit busier so with ne’er a do let’s get straight on with it.


Left foot: Money – The Flying Lizards

What use is a billionaire benefactor owner if he’s not going to dip into his wadge and pick you up the odd overpaid, over ego-ed superstar to get your Premier League life rolling? I’m not going to pretend to understand the ins and outs of what’s been going on at Loftus Road, but it must have been incredibly frustrating seeing your club become the very definition of a rich person’s plaything and watching the money men take the mick.

Still, all’s well that ends well especially when you’ve kept the receipt and can trade your first sugar daddy in for a new model.


Right Foot: Dedicated Follower of Fashion – The Kinks

I’ve always thought that these really, really, rich people who buy football clubs have to be a bit mad. First off there’s no money in it and secondly they nearly always end up trusting a chunk of their fortune to people as financially astute as Viv Nicholson. And so it happens that Neil Warnock, a man who has spent his managerial career making do and mend, finds himself providing escape routes for the likes of Shaun Wright-Phillips.

How well he’ll cope with handling the egos that generally come with £60k per week rejects only time will tell, but in the meantime we’ll dedicate this one to their first superstar of the season, the wannabe next Pat Nevin, the most indie man in football, and the owner of possible the worst haircut on the planet. Mr Joseph Antony Barton.


and to finish off, and wrap up our tribute to our near neighbours trip to the capital, we give you this. Feel free to insert your own lyrics.

Header: The Adams Family Song


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