Left foot, right foot, header v2.0 #4 – Going Down 

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Yuuurrrrs, it’s podcast time again and this time we’ve got three songs that pretty much capture the Latics zeitgeist at the moment. So why not share them all with you in one of those perfect hat-trick articles that you all used to enjoy so much when I had the motivation to do things like this fairly regularly? 

“Yes, but, why?” Did I hear you ask? Because I can, because I’m in the mood and because, if we win tonight, you’ll all be in a more cheery frame of mind tomorrow and this won’t seem as relevant.

Left foot: Going Down – Stone RosesA bit of a tap-in this one, but from a tighter angle than Chris’ suggestion that we use “Down Down” so he could continue to milk his Warren Joyce is Status Quo meme. Either way, there’s no avoiding the feeling around the club at the minute, it all feels a bit like we’re drifting towards a waterfall on a rudderless boat. But at least we’ve got John Squire’s sparkling guitar to distract us from the inevitable.

Right foot: I Give You Power – Arcade Fire

You’d be right in guessing this was a late addition to this episode’s roster, but with our Max chucking his toys out of the Pram (or his tweets out of the timeline yesterday, it had to go in.  

Plenty of people have speculated over the reasons for Max deleting four months of Twitter activity, changing his name and going for an all black avatar yesterday, I’ll never understand why people do that sort of thing. Unless of course, it was just to highlight that particularly LOL worthy Ronnie O’Sullivan video that now sits on top of his timeline. Who knows? Apart from Max that is.

Header: Knives Out – Radiohead
The most telling thing about the mood of this week’s podcast is that we included a Radiohead song without a second thought or fear of rebuke from @freestylefinton. The tone of the song is reflective of how things have gone after the last couple of games. Apparently, it’s about “social Darwinism”, which sounds a right laugh to me, but is probably to do with the survival of the fittest, getting the first blow in, kill or be killed or something like that, which may or may not have any relevance.

Mostly, it’s called Knives Out, which isn’t a reference how miserable we’re feeling, but neatly captures how a lot of people are feeling about the manager at the moment. It might feel like kicking a man when he’s down, but whilst Latics aren’t then it’s only natural that people will stick the knife in where they feel change is required. 

Anyway, that’s the music, which is about 5 minutes of the podcast. You can listen to the rest of it by looking for us on your favourite podcast app, searching on iTunes or Soundcloud or just by pressing play on the player below. 


See you on the other side…

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