Life of Brian

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aka The one where we’re still sober at the end


The podcast with slightly more regularity than Moeen Ali’s line and length is back.  Somehow, without too much happening on the Latics front, we’ve managed to stumble through to our fifth episode and still found plenty to talk about.


This episode we’re joined by Joe Curran, latterly of STAND fanzine.  From Skem, Joe gives us a unique insight into being a Latics watching Liverpool fan as well as helping us preview last weekend’s friendlies.


Also on the cards is the start of our quest to find the best Wigan band that nearly made it, a Euro wrap-up and, finally, a chance for Jimmy to get his Happy Valley obsession of his chest.


Of course we’ve also got the return of the Emporium of Sh*te where (with apologies to John Coyne) we miss out on a massive opportunity for some internet “banter”.

Speaking of massive, Dylan lets loose an exclusive for fans of his “best band that nearly made it”.


As always, you can track us down on your favourite podcast app (search “pie at night”), or just listen to us on soundcloud, below.


Have fun…

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