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The following is the Editorial for the 48 page Summer Mudhutter which is available to download FREE as a PDF here: Mudhutter Summer Special


Welcome to the Mudhuts Summer Special and a special hello to those of you reading this for the first time. Too tight to pay for a printed copy are we? That’s OK, we know the world is changing and that is why we have decided to publish a free online PDF this summer for the first time in a few years.
Plus we need to redress the balance after visiting all those dark places last season. No, not Horwich, you know the football thing. Ah yes, the football! Within two years since you-know-who left, we’ve gone from being a stellar example of what a small club can achieve on minimum resources to a complete shambles, sinking like a stone back to oblivion.
But we’re not here to talk about that!! So once we’ve finished rubbing our bleary eyes like Charlton Heston does in the closing scenes of Planet of the Apes only to find ourselves surrounded by those League One chimps we thought we’d left behind decades ago, we will be making a determined pledge to make a decent fist of it.
Your take on the fixtures will either be a stark reminder of how far we have fallen so quickly or a load of exciting new places to visit along with plenty of old friends. Either way, it is something of an mandatory requirement to play, and probably lose to, these quaint provincial football teams so there’s absolutely no point in bleating about it.
Turning this beleaguered ship around has been likened to a mammoth task, as evidenced by our chairman’s statement that he intends to sign no fewer than fifteen players this summer (once he’s finished his homework – arf).
To expect a dozen and a bit yet to be acquired protégés to settle in and start playing some spiffingly scintillating football in a few weeks’ time seems a bit of a big ask if I’m honest. Nevertheless, as we finished last season with a squad of players who were quite familiar with losing football matches, then we have literally nothing to lose. Apart from the few good ones that is, many of whom have buggered off already.
Still, nothing warms the cockles like the hopeless optimism of your average football fan and an opener at Coventry (NEW GROUND KLAXON!) and tasty festive fixtures at home to Sheff Utd and away at Fleetwood should be enough to get your juices flowing, along with a range of local derbies against some of the other lesser Greater Manchester teams that Bolton fans like to sneer at.
So we hope you enjoy this little literary aperitif while you sit on a sun lounger in foreign shores while random people walk past pointing and laughing at your beach towel. There’s a bit of the usual and probably a few things that are slightly different.
Here’s hoping that the pain will start to ease over the coming months and we can start to get a little bit of pleasure out of watching our football club again.

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