Misery, Reality, Lunacy all in print – It’s The Mudhutter 34

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Yes we’re back – the new issue of the Mudhutter fanzine will be on sale this weekend from all the usual spots. Price at £1.50 it contains 40 pages of articles and features about Latics, life and all the things we all like.

We can’t deny there is a certain sulky, moody edge to this issue. The Mudhutter reflects the mood of the fans and although there is a considerable queue of people waiting to chuck themselves on to the M6 at the minute across the WAFC community, we’re still just about concentrating on the more important matter of queuing for the pie shop.

There’s plenty of humour in there, one or two – shock, horror – critical articles about Wigan Athletic players and management and a detailed look at the more enduring matters which will affect our football club such as TV rights, watching games in the pub, the England national team and the future direction of our football club. Serious comment mixed in with lots of pictures and funny stuff to prevent you from throwing a seven dear reader because in these times of despair, it’s where a fanzine comes out fighting. Or in the case of the Mudhutter, shouting “STAND” with it’s
palms outstretched whilst slowly retreating backwards.

All your regular features are in there from Les Bagg to Will Philkinson and there’s the welcome return of one or two former contributors but we’ll not spoil the surprise. From sitcoms to music festivals to the Washington Redskins and our chubby friends across town we report, review and reminisce, without ever taking our eye off the ball in terms of what is happening down at the DW.

And with that, you’ll be wanting to know where to buy it:

  • You can buy it at the Latics v Fulham game on Saturday either on the bridge, outside Rigalettos or in the South Stand Bar.
  • You will also find it in Waterstones in the Grand Arcade or Sparks Newsagents on Wallgate. We may also be stocking in the Brick, Sams Bar, Mesnes Road News if we have fanzines left over and it is also available from the green programme van by Robin Park.
  • If you are slightly wary of people and prefer to stay indoors, you can of course buy the fanzine online here http://www.mudhutsmedia.co.uk/emods/easyshop/easyshop.php?prod.55

Or you can take out a  seasonal subscription for just £8 here and get hold of the last issue as well, of which there a just a handful left, no thanks to the weather. http://www.mudhutsmedia.co.uk/emods/easyshop/easyshop.php?prod.52

Alternatively, if you’re new to this lark and fancy giving your postman a hernia, you can obtain all available back issues along with the current issue by taking up this fine offer instead http://www.mudhutsmedia.co.uk/emods/easyshop/easyshop.php?prod.38

Once again, if you are a regular reader or contributor, we are forever indebted to your continued support. Thanks, the Mudhutter team

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