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Many words have been scribed about our plight and the fractious fallibility in some eyes that our manager in situ is not the guy for the job.

Fair enough, we are all entitled to our valued opinion but do you not think that we are suffering from the modern phoneme that is the “Microwave Success Syndrome” ….. ping …… then it’s done, instant gratification.

It seems that the way we all tend to live our lives, we want it and we want it now, that statement has steadily crept into football with sackings here there and everywhere because of the lack of success in an instant ….. ping.

To build anything in life, football clubs/teams included you have to have steady strong foundations and be in it for a long ride, how can you build a dynasty with changes of personnel every few months? ….. ping.

Many, many clubs would dearly love to have a sincere “club man” at the helm, we all know deep down he has our club’s best interests at heart, so just because he is learning his trade in a ruthless division with money mad players adding to the equation does it mean we have to ditch him when it is not going according to plan? ….. ping.

What price loyalty? what price stability? ….. ping.


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