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Well it’s the day after the weekend before, if you can stretch that saying?

This weekend saw the usual 12 men of Manchester United stuff Wigan at Old Trafford 4-0.  Michael Oliver having a cracking game running through the middle for United, but hey the “12 men” saying been over used a few times, even on here.

So here at the TNS Offices in Wigan, we’ve been rather busy!

Why?  Well you know when you wake up on Monday morning & groan.  No not because Cindy Crawford is asleep next to you, but because it’s bloody Monday morning!  Well I did a double groan today, 1 waking up cause it was Monday morning (& Cindy had left early to go start her shift at FarmFoods on Woodhouse Drive), 2 when I walked in to the TNS Office this morning.

Why groan when I walked in to the office?  Well it’s Steve (resident BarStaff), I didn’t realise but he’d enlisted the entire TNS team to push the production line for the TNS Mugs.

None of the staff are too pleased; apparently Steve has blown the entire TNS yearly promotional budget on an African fiasco.  The story is something to do with Steve giving the TNS Bank Account details to a bloke in Africa, who wanted to deposit some money in a British Bank account.  Anyway, we’ve lost everything; hence we’ve had to use TNS labour to get the mugs shifted.

Steve is on Order transfiguration duty (that’s what he calls it), which basically means he works out who gets what Mug?  He’s also miffed, as he’s had to delay a goal keeping trial with Neil Rimmer for the 12th October Latics Past Players Association match.  Oh, whatever you do, if you see Steve, don’t ask about his ‘Man of the Match’ performance.

Bernard is on Cardboard box duty, he’s miffed too, as he’s recently took up fishing and was recently seen at a well know Indian restaurant in Standish, spinning a story about how big a fish was.

Dave, has put his Sam Tompkins Voodoo doll down, he’s on interior packaging duty.  Which is basically stuffing shredded Take Away menus we get sent to the office into the boxes, well we have to make sure the Mug gets there in 1 piece?

Peter is on label duty, he’s got to write out each label, as the printer in the office is ‘too damn fiddly’ according to Peter.  We did hear him chuckle a few times with some of the addresses he had to write out, Yum Kim Chuck in China & the Nippon twins in Japan.  Yes, TNS has even made it to the Far East.  Peter’s also hoping he can get all the labels written in time so he can get off to see his Y&T mates.

Alan’s on the Post Office run, this is not going down to well as he’s needed back at his own building site, oh and some Web Site IP protocols need sorting back here at the TNS office, as it’s blocking some of our users from using the site.

Jimmy is off sick at the moment, so he’s well not working on the Mugs.

As for me, I’m on Sellotape duty, wrapping up all the boxes so Peter can add the label.  Well that & in-between dealing with the feedback we’ve had from a recent article we posted last week!

You may have seen it?  Here’s a reminder!  We’ve had a complaint from the American Pedicure Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They were none too happy in having Pedicures associated with Wayne Rooney & English Soccer.

So after a Conference Call with Britney & Chantelle this afternoon, we’ve explained the background to the story.  They’ve understood & are happy with the explanation.  Steve’s also thrown in a couple of free Mugs in, too keep them sweet.

So just for the TNS record, the Wayne Rooney Toe Nails article.  This was an article to highlight the banal articles served up by the main stream sport media outlets like the BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Sun & Tribal Football when we have an international break, nothing more, nothing less.

Anyway, I’m off to find another roll of sellotape.


Oh & thanks to for the picture, thanks Love.


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