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Right, the match preview, funny you should ask!

Wednesday in the TNS office after the big Mug movement, Bernard the best ukulele playing Boss in Wigan, told me I needed to get the article ready for proof reading that afternoon.  I instead wanted to do a Политбюро IP Ping Sweep of the TNS users that morning & then cut my Toe nails that afternoon, but the article needed to be written, so here it is.

Fulham, always thought they’re similar to Wigan, they are never really taken too seriously!  Bit like a little dog that people go ‘Awwwwww’ too, until the little shit bites them & then they wish it were on a plate in South Korea.

Fulham, back in 2001 when they joined the Premiership as it was called then, went through the same thing as Wigan did later in 2005.

It went something like this….. “Awwwwwww they’re a nice little team, think they’ll be my 2nd Premiership team”……well that was up until they started to win games and beat their own team, little shits, yes?

Yep, like Wigan, Fulham have had the same fate, were the self elected established Premier League Teams, never do take them seriously.  Probably why I wanted to do something else instead, e.g. Russia in the morning!  But hey, I’d imagine fellow Fulham fans in January probably aren’t looking forward to the Fulham vs Wigan match preview.

& why do we feel so lethargic for another fellow Premier League team, is it because we don’t fit in some undefined Premier League criteria, that somehow Leeds irrespective of which league they are in, always seem to fit in to!  An establishment that is the Premier League, with these self elected elected.

Thing is though, both Wigan & Fulham have been to Cup finals more recent than some teams who think they are, well sexier.

Well that’s enough Self Pity, I must get on with the match report.  I’ve been in trouble in the last week with my digression away from the Preview, with a number of organisations misinterpreting my work, is that Self Pity again?

The Match, Saturday the 22nd September 3pm Kick off.

If you remember the last time Wigan & Fulham met, it was the 21st April, Wigan were on a good run after beating Man United & Arsenal back to back.  Yep, then typical Wigan lost to Fulham 2-1, with Switzerland’s own Philippe Senderos getting the 89th minute winner.   In fact last season Fulham did the double on Wigan winning 2-0 @ the DW in October (Wigan’s then 7th defeat in their 8 match losing streak).

Looking back at previous matches before last season, you’ll see that both Wigan & Fulham have a rich history and have met many many times.  Matches in League 2, League 3 & the Old 3rd Division.  In fact when Wigan & Fulham kick off Saturday, it’ll be their 41st meeting, their 39th League meeting with 2 Cup matches 10 years ago.

Bet you didn’t know from 1986 to 1999 Wigan & Fulham had almost identical paths.  Only broken for 1 season when Wigan were relegated to the 4th Tier in 1993 followed by Fulham 12 months later.  In those 14 seasons, only 93/94 saw no matches, 96/97 they together were promoted to the 3rd Tier.  There sequence finally broken in 1999 when Fulham set off on a vapour trail towards the Premiership.

In the Cup, Wigan has the upper hand, winning both League Cup Matches in 02 & 03.  Wigan then a lower league team with back to back Giant killing of Premier League opposition, okay I know I’m bigging Wigan up here.  December 02, saw a JJB 2-1 win with Ellington getting both, September 03, Nathan again on the score sheet @ the JJB as Wigan won 1-0 in a 2nd round tie.

In the league, it’s a little different, as you know Fulham did the double last season, something they’ve done twice before in 92/93 and also in 87/88.  Wigan have 1 double to show, in 90/91, September 90 saw our 1st win @ Craven Cottage, a 2-1 with Daley getting both, the return to Springfield Park in February 91 saw a 2-0 win with Griffiths & Piling getting the goals.

Overall head to head, Fulham have a decent advantage winning 17, drawing 13 with Wigan winning 10.

Referee for the match is Lee Probert, I know what you’re thinking, me too, Shit!  Probert’s last 2 matches for Wigan were the 3-1 defeat at Spurs in January & again the 3-1 defeat to Wolves back in November last year.  Last time Lee was in charge at a Fulham game was their 1-0 win @ Anfield.  His assistants for the match are Cann & Wilkes (which sounds like paint) & the 4th Official is Mark Halsey, Good luck in your technical box Bob.

Form coming into this match Fulham have 2 wins (Norwich & West Brom) & 2 defeats (Man United & West Ham), their last match, a very good 3-0 win against an inform West Brom.  Oh, they lost 1-0 to Sheffield Wednesday in the League Cup in August, all this means they are 9th in the Premier League Table.

Wigan sit 14th, with 1 win (Southampton), 1 draw (Stoke), 2 defeats (Chelsea & Man United) & a 4-1 League Cup win against Nottingham Forest.  Their last match a 4-0 defeat to Michael Oliver’s Manchester United.

Injury table (Thursday) is wide for Fulham, with Diarra (Knee), Richardson (Thigh), Dejagah (Knock), Ruiz (Hamstring), Senderos (Ankle) & Davis (Neck) all getting to see a tube of Savlon on a regular basis.  In fact only Ruiz is expected to figure in the match this weekend?  As for Wigan we only have Mr Alcaraz (Groin) & he’ll have a late fitness test for the weekend’s match.

My Expectations for the match, I’m hoping that Wigan start to kick on from their end of last season form, I know I know this is starting to feel a little stretched.  A simple 1-0 win against Fulham will do, in reality I know Fulham are not to be under estimated (see jist of article) & will get goals away from home, so instead I’m looking for a 2-1 win.


Oh and for the record I unfortunately won’t be at the match, I’ve given my tickets away, as I’ll be at Oulton Park for a race day with my son.  I know date clashes, apparently to the judgemental it makes me a lesser Wigan fan, I just see it as being a Dad.  Anyway enjoy the match.

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