Newcastle United in the Champions League?

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Newcastle United, they have done this very quietly and sit in prime position to achieve the goal of a top 4 finish, ironically enough our next opposition.

So quiet whilst driving down the M6 Monday night listening to the post match review of Arsenal 1- 2 Wigan, the football pundit on Talk Sport said what does this result (Arsenal’s) mean to Spurs & Chelsea?  Only to add a few minutes later, ‘not forgetting Newcastle’ acknowledging he’d made the age old mistake of putting marketing before substance!

But what would it mean for English football if they do qualify for the Champions League?

With the rise of Man City and recently Spurs, the previous top 4 Champions League gang of Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool has seen Liverpool make way for first Spurs and last season Man City, the 3 other regulars still getting their automatic births.

Just now with Newcastle looking good for a place @ the top table and Arsenal the other!

What could it mean for the teams no longer involved:

Liverpool – They only get a mention cause they used to be in the gang and well they have Cup matches to look forward too and the Europa League spot if they want it?

Spurs – Not sure what it will mean for Spurs & another Europa League place with 5th?  They seem to have good finances to keep the decent players whilst not at the top table.  Though with all the uncertain aspects with ‘arry, they may not even get to that top or second table.  Just hope the rumours of Bob going to Spurs are just that.  I do think if they want stability they need to change at the top now.

Arsenal – I can’t see them screwing up, Spurs are 6 points behind playing like cart horses with 4 games to go, but hey look at Wigan earlier in the season. If for what ever reason they did self explode, probably the team to suffer the most from those mentioned, their finances and ticket prices would not suit the Europa League.  Also I just can’t see their fans and their best player wanting to play some Bulgarian Plumbers on a Thursday night as a warm up to a Jean Claude Van Damme film.

Chelsea – They may be gambling on this season’s Champion’s League to make sure they are in it next season, but if they do win and they finish outside the top 4 does that then mean if Newcastle or even worse Arsenal finished 4th they are then kicked down to the Europa League?  Probably have the most to lose, but then again……is it a crafty plan by the Russian, have a season outside the Champions League, get rid of the aging players and drift wood, and start again after the heroic battle the season before?  He certainly has the finances to do this!

As for Newcastle United I’ve not mentioned them that much, but looking at it as a neutral I’d like to see them in the competition.  Just to see a different team and what it would mean with at least 1 of the teams who always expect to get there!

Pardew in Europe, wonder what that would mean, decent football at least!  Also Newcastle in Europe would the ‘For Sale’ sign still be hung out side St James Park?  Lots of interesting questions.

Well saying that, as long as Newcastle don’t do what Everton did and lose their one & only Champions League tie…..though always thought there was something dodgy about the ref in Everton’s 2nd leg, or was that me?

1     Man Utd     34     54     82
2     Man City     34     58     77
3     Arsenal     35     24     65
4     Newcastle     34     11     62
5     Tottenham 34     18     59 – Europa
6     Chelsea     34     18     58 – Nothing I think?

Anyway here’s to an interesting battle at the almost top bit of the table, as we once again see if we can win our own usual relegation battle.


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