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There now follows a club statement:

Flares and smoke devices

The club has issued a warning to supporters that anyone found in possession of flares or other fireworks at Wigan Athletic matches will be dealt with in the most severe manner possible – resulting in immediate ejection and banning orders.

The announcement comes after two arrests were made during last Saturday’s victory at Barnsley, where flares were thrown, injuring fellow supporters and causing a large amount of distress in sections of the away following at Oakwell.

Jonathan Jackson, Chief Executive, said: “We are aware of the growing trend amongst a minority of our younger supporters to bring flares and fireworks to matches and we will not tolerate it. The use of these devices by spectators in sports grounds is illegal and dangerous. Our priority is for the safety and well- being of the vast majority of our supporters, who are loyal, well behaved and created a magnificent atmosphere at Barnsley.”

An away following of over 2,300 made the journey to South Yorkshire and Jackson says: “Latics fans were incredible on Saturday and the players responded on the pitch. What should have been a perfect day for our supporters was spoiled for some by these people. We are probably going to be travelling away in much larger numbers this season and it’s important that our fans understand, firstly, that we will do everything in our power to safeguard their safety at every match be it home or away, and secondly, we will do everything we can to identify and punish those involved.


“They are not the sort of fans we want tarnishing the reputation of the club and endangering fellow fans. They are not welcome at Wigan Athletic and we will do everything we can to prevent these incidents occurring again.


Statement ends

So there you have it. Leave the matches at home kids. Innocent people including children are getting hurt and distressed by your actions so please do something else. Maybe learn ballet and do a Poznan pirouette. Or wave giant dildos in the air like you’re at an Elton John concert. You’re going to have to think of something though…..

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