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What’s your take on Jimmy Bullard? Was he the laugh a minute ball of energy, the beating heart of the team that made easy work of rising from the 3rd flight to the top level? Or was he the limited player who had started to believe the hype (or his agent) and was showing more than the odd sign of it going to his head? Ok, you’ve got your answer? Now think long and hard, how would you have answered, if I’d asked that question a couple of months back?


I suspect that this move has angered and upset two groups of fans more than others. The kids who idolised him and the fans who have only recently seen the light, many of whom won’t have seen a Latics game that didn’t feature the lovable cockernee larrikin. We may have become use to players leaving the club for a step down, but there were times not that long ago where transfers were the name of the game, no matter whether the move was up down or sideways.

Not that I’m suggesting that the Bullard transfer is a return to the days as a selling club, just that I remember a time where players used to come and go and that there’s nothing in this move that surprises me or gets the blood boiling. Jimmy’s a human being, he’s going to take more money for doing the same job, and even if it started off with his agent playing games with Jewell and Whelan to get him a better deal here, no one has really lost from the deal have they?

The player is going to be pocketing a reported 30k per week (dubious, but he will have got a rise), his agent will have made a tidy sum from the deal, Fulham are getting a decent player and we make a tidy profit on what we paid for him. Latics fans are left with some good memories and are saved the embarrassment that could be in the offing as James takes to his new role as Media whore with relish.

To some extent, I’m sort of glad that it happened this way. It gives us a clean break. His position was one that we needed to improve on if next season was going to be better than this. Him going means that this can be achieved, without it getting messy. The only gripe I could have is the timing, but then again no one was complaining when we snatched Roy Carroll away from Hull after transfer deadline day, were they?

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