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Well you’d think a week off work would actually give more time to keep this up to date, but no.  Between trips to the zoo (South Lakes – give it a go if you’re up there), the Farm (Farmer Ted’s – kick the kids off the go karts and have a race round yourselves), other family related events and then running around trying to get up to date at work I’ve managed to leave myself playing catch up again.  So to get back up and running here are a few of the things that I’ve missed out on.


Keep it in your Pollitt

Brave words or a realistic attitude?  Most fans thought that Mike Pollitt had been brought in purely as cover for Filan, having seen him play so far this season, I’m not so sure.  He’s certainly building himself a reputation amongst fans.  Whilst they may be expecting the Aussie to step back in to the firing line when he’s recovered from injury the new lad isn’t so sure.  He might not be saying anything a player would be expected to when he’s telling the papers that he thinks he’s done enough to keep the shirt but Jewell’s you’ve got the shirt you keep it policy may just be applied to goalkeepers as well, this time around.  We’ve, at least, a couple of weeks to wait before Filan will be fit enough to call this one though, and everything may have changed by then.

You wouldn’t let it lie…
They’re at it again.  Jewell’s rolling out the “he was in tears story”, Whelan is telling the world that the lad won’t be missed and fans are expecting De Zeuuw to smash him into the boards, kneel on his chest and rip his shoulder out of joint.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about then don’t bather with the rest of this, yes it’s forget about Nathan Ellington time.  He’s gone, they paid good money for him and we’ve got to move on. I can understand, and feel, the frustration but trying to find someone to blame won’t help.  Concentrate on what we’ve got left and keep the faith.  Surely a second win will give you more satisfaction than thinking you’ve upset a lad who helped us get where we are?

Pepping off?
Guardiola’s gone AWOL, Jewell thinks that he wants to join us but his agents are being a bit silly.  According to our manager he’s a world class player, but he won’t be chasing him for an answer.  Two things.  One; isn’t that what a player might need to convince him to sign for us?  A bit of TLC, make him think that he’s wanted?  Two, surely that’s Bill Green’s job anyway.  Come on, if he’s that good a player (and I think he is) then go that little bit further, pop in the chopper to Catalonia and take him a Meat and Potato, on second thoughts, buy him some tapas.

Ashes to Ashes;

In the absence of a ‘New Rock and Roll” for a while, the latest candidate is cricket.  The paper the other day was actually lauding the green caps for preparing for this test with a late night four X and JD session.  Let’s face it – this one will never last, the away games are played at daft times, and 98% of the population don’t have an attention span that would keep up for 5 minutes let alone 5 days.  On top of that, try to explain why you want it to piss down all weekend to one of the assorted luvvies or JLCs that have now found another reason to walk around with Vodaphone plastered across their chest.  Time to see if the offside law can’t be made a little more unfathomable methinks.

Play off Nightmares;

With the number of Ellgren Jackets and Wembley 88 t-shirts still in circulation, I’d have thought a ‘buy a new shirt’ week would have been a more appropriate project for our common-law cousin’s marketing department.  Well I suppose it all helps towards boosting that average attendance up towards the 14,000 mark, which is obviously far less embarrassing than 2 home sell-outs in our last three games; but loads more than having a local paper that prints letters taking the piss about it. 

I may have  missed out stuff, but I had a violin lesson that day.  I used to be so good at keeping a daily diary when I was a tortured teenager; I guess I’m just out of practise.

Friday 9th September 2005,

Work was boring, no one talked to me, might stay in bed all day tomorrow, that’ll teach ’em.

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