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Now I’ve checked with the lawyers and I’ll probably be alright with this one and five seems like a nice round number.  A list of 10 things is too many and even 7 would probably be weak, 3 would definitely be too short and 1 would just be an article by itself.  So here it is.  Our new feature where each week we will look to bring you the 5 things that people may be talking about, usually to do with the match, mostly to do with our opponents, then again maybe not.  This week of course we’re looking at the West Brom game.

The Strikers;

Horsfield played for us, and then didn’t; Roberts played for West Brom, nearly signed for us, didn’t, then did; Earnshaw put the wind up us every time he played for Cardiff, we might have signed him, but he went to West Brom; for what ever reason Ellington chose them over us and then (possibly) cried all the way to the bank.  It’s a programme writer’s dream, a little bit meatier that your average “they played for both teams” stuff. 

At least three of the four are likely to feature on Saturday and it’s odds on that the latest chapter in the Horsfield/Roberts/Ellington saga will feature a deciding moment for one of them.  I’ve given up explaining why the Duke doesn’t deserve booing on Saturday, if he does it will be a real shame; Horsfield is maybe another story but why waste your time, getting behind the lads that play for us now is a far better use of energy than getting on the backs of people who probably don’t care enough for it to bother them.

The Kit;

Unless I’m colour blind, Saturday should see the first run out of the new away kit.  The story at the start of the summer was that we would be getting a new kit but that it would be a third strip and that our black kit of last season would still be used as the players liked it.  Now that was never really going to happen, although in essence Patrick and JJB may be the same, the manufacturer’s badges would have been different and that’s just not the done thing, old boy. 

Although a black kit is nice for the fans, and not just because of the slimming effect, the design of last year’s away strip was a little too fussy for my liking and the new yellow with navy sleeves effort is plain and simple.  In fact, the collar aside, it’s a good old fashioned football shirt.  It’s our best away strip for some time and one thing is for certain, the lads won’t have any problems seeing each other in it. 

One problem though the shorts will probably clash with West Brom’s, hopefully they’ve gone out and bought some that will match, otherwise we could end up with a yellow/navy/royal blue combination that’s making me queasy just thinking about it.

The Fans;

It’s probably true for most clubs, that their internet communities aren’t truly representative of their fan base.  I met a few West Brom fans when they visited our place a couple of seasons ago and to be honest they seemed like jolly nice fellows.  However since the League Cup game in 2002 there seems to have been an ongoing battle (well more like a running bicker) between ‘tics and baggies that frequent certain websites. 

Now I’m not suggesting that this is widespread, or even that it is anything real but this type of Juvenile “we took your message board” type stuff is frankly ridiculous.  You can just see them now young lads sat at home with their Stone Island monitor, Paul and Shark keyboard and Aquascutum mouse, ‘aving it large and wondering how close they can sit to the big boys at the game without their dad moaning.

The History;

A follow on from the last point really.  “How many FA cups have you won”; “yeah but what have you done recently” type banter has been rife with a number of “bigger clubs” over the last few years, but when you look at it these two clubs’ recent history isn’t too dissimilar.  At the time the League in which we’re now playing was conceived they were both languishing at the arse end of the league.  We’ve gone about it differently but we’re now both battling for the same thing, yes there has to be rivalry because we’re fighting for the same prize.  Maybe though it should be a little bit more respectful, both clubs have come a long way in a short time.

The Managers;

Very different as players, not so different as managers.  At Middlesbrough, Robson tasted success that was tainted because of his chairman’s generosity at West Brom he achieved a feat no one expected him to.  Jewell’s path may have been in reverse, but you could quite easily swap Wigan and Bradford for those two teams.  Both of them are as unlikely to get a big job as each other at the moment and I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I promised you 5 talking points so I’ll leave it to you to fill the gaps on this one…

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