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I play poker, or at least I do if it’s still called poker when you play as badly as I do. It’s probably just called “slow money transfer” or “pissing your disposable income up the wall”. It’s not that I don’t know how to play poker, at least at a basic level, it’s just that I don’t have the patience to keep up the level of detail that you need to be really good, oh and I like to gamble too much.

Or too often, which isn’t the same thing.

I’m lucky that it’s not the financial aspect of the gambling that grabs me. It’s the risk your chips, see how far you can push a bluff type stuff. Trying to play the person rather than the cards. It works better when you’re actually sat around a table with mates, beer and a pizza, when you’re sat in front of a computer screen and half the people you’re playing against are probably not even people.

Any way, it probably seems a strange thing to say about poker that someone can “gamble too much”, isn’t that what poker is all about? Well, if you didn’t know the answer already then you probably just heard thousands of the other people reading this blog (I can dream can’t I?) scream “nooooooooooooo!!!!!!”. Because the simple fact is that it’s Mississippi riverboat, Wild West Saloon image, poker is just about as nerdy as you can get.

Ok, maybe not but it’s more Man with a calculator than it is The Man With No Name.

And I think that’s part of my problem. I know that I’m as capable of being a geek as the next man, but that’s not why I started playing poker and ultimately I’m happy to shovel £20-30 to some hidden megacompany every couple of months as long as I get some entertainment out of it. If that means I’m not going to fetch up as a good player any time soon (and I suspect it does) then so be it.

Enough of that for now, I just thought it best to lay out my position before I no doubt bore you even more with my poker wisdoms later down the line. Until then remember:

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