Premier League May 2012

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Why not it’s a little over 5 weeks to go to before the start of the 2011/12 Premier League season, so why not have a go @ the final table before its even started.

So here’s my punt @ where I feel the teams will end come may 2012. 

1 – Man Utd
2 – Man City
3 – Liverpool
4 – Chelsea
5 – Arsenal
6 – Spurs
7 – Everton
8 – Fulham
9 – Sunderland
10 – Stoke
11 – Bolton
12 – Newcastle
13 – Aston Villa
14 – West Brom
15 – Wigan
16 – Blackburn
17 – QPR
18 – Swansea
19 – Wolves
20 – Norwich

Not going going go long into any particular reason. I am though now in early July concerned about Arsenal, they need to do something about their transfer policy or else this will become the feeder club for Man City & maybe Barca. United look like they are buying to strengthen in areas they were weak last season. Liverpool look like they have completed some good deals and could see them back in the top 4? Chelsea I’m not too sure, is the Holy Grail distracting them too much with an aging squad but then again their new Manager could be a mini Jose?
As for my team on wards and slowly upwards, just consolidating will suit me.

Teams for relegation, I do feel like previous season @ least 1 team will stay for a 2nd year, in this case QPR only if they keep their manager, then again……the others well time will tell.

Anyway it’s probably a loads of rubbish, but thought I’d start the discussions early…..


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