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Chris Blacburn of the Big Flag Campaign has been in touch with TNS with regards to his bid to purchase a ‘Big Flag’ for all Wigan Athletic supporters.  We would like to support his campaign and I reproduce his message to us here in full.  If we all stick together in true LaticsUnited fashion, the target could be reached following the Spurs game.

“I have been working on a campaign for Wigan Athletic to raise funds for a giant flag at the DW. The Club have given me permission to collect at the Tottenham Hotspur fixture. I would really appreciate if you could publish the event on your fantastic website. The amount needed to hit the target is £4200, I’ve currently raised £712.

“The ‘Big Flag team” will be positioned in the South Stand Supporters Club, but supporters can donate by passing the South Stand and there will be collectors at the Clubs entrance. It may sound a huge task but if the supporters pulled together and donated we could have the flag manufactured for the next home fixture (the Bolton derby!).

“The BIG flag campaign team is also looking for people to get involved on Saturday, any help would be appreciated, if they wish to get involved they can email…”

What is the BIG flag Campaign:

You see it at Anfield, you see at Old Trafford, Eastlands, Villa Park and Ewood Park etc …and with your help you can see it at the DW. Off-The-Post is running the BIG flag campaign, which aims to bring home a GIANT W.A.F.C Supporters flag. To do this we need your help to raise £4500!

Flag Measurements Width – 75 Feet Height – 35 Feet Flag 

Everyone would get chance too pass the flag around the stadium! Each home fixture the flag will be rotated around the East | West | South Stand!

If supporters are unable to attend the Spurs fixture they can also donate online!

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