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Sigh. It’s just as well we’re not taking this contest too seriously as once again the folly of youth and the new higher echelon Wigan Athletic is usurping the dark, awful players of our past.

It’s not for us to decide, just for us to nominate. Bear that in mind when you’re targeting your abuse.So who did we nominate then? Well, Dylan went for Oriel Riera. Was he s***e or just never given a proper chance? Maybe he was never given a proper chance because he was rubbish? His career before and after in top flight Spanish football seems to suggest otherwise. 

Ian opts for Neil Redfearn. Big name. Big reputation. Big wage packet. But little interest in being here. One last pay day indeed.

Jimmy opts for emaciated beanpole Lee Rogerson, who came from non league and swiftly returned there after looking like he’d been dragged in off the street. There is also a bombshell dropped regarding the above named player’s letter writing habits.

Our special guest, Paul Kendrick, after briefly attempting to bend the rules, goes for Thomas Rogne, the latest in a long line of huge but brittle Scandinavians who flattered to deceive. Always injured and on the rare occasion he did take to the field he looked petrified. Oh and didn’t he wear a headband? 

Regular listeners will know what is coming next as Alan is never one to shy away from a controversial choice and this is to be no exception as he throws Paul Rogers into the mix.

The mop up consists of mop top Colin “Jack” Russell, who ran around a lot for a bit before Colne Dynamoes came along and offered him more money. And sometime ‘keeper Dave Redfearn, who once tipped a shot onto the post against Luton Town, only for the rebound to hit him on the head and bounce in. At least I think it was him.

Sean eventually joins in by nominating local lad and massive skinhead clogger John Robertson, a late but no less worthy inclusion.

To the polls and heat 1 sees Riera beat Neil Redfearn into 2nd place comprehensively, and we have to add disappointingly. Whereas the second heat sees Thomas Rogne romp home easily with 64% of the vote leaving Rogerson, Robertson and Redfearn (D) trailing in his wake.

If the semis were a cakewalk then the final was nothing of the sort with less than half a per cent separating first and second between the two heat winners. Whereas we were again disappointed to see the middle aged Neil Redfearn trailing home in third, it would have felt (in our opinion) a little harsh for Riera to win this contest, even though eventual victor Thomas Rogne did little wrong apart from being permanently injured.

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