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It’s that time of year again. The fixtures are out and we, at The Mudhutter, are starting to plan ahead, as much as we can be bothered doing anything of the sort.

Anyway, the good news is that you can now take out a five issue subscription for the 2017/18 season at the same price as last year. That price is £10 including free postage for five printed issues delivered to your doorstep by a cheerful, whistling postman.

We try and get them out in advance but we’ve all got jobs you know and even postmen get one day off but at least you’ll get it nice and crisp on the Monday and it won’t fall out of your ar5e cheek pocket when you leave it in the pub after the match.

Or you can perhaps opt to do your bit to save the rain forests and take out the £7 for 5 digital issues delivered to your inbox option. You will save three quid albeit it’s more difficult to sniff the ink through an iPad.

We have already started work on Issue 63 and expect it to be out by Sunday August 13th, so renewals need to be made before that date in order to secure a copy.

Finally, a thanks from myself and the rest of the Mudhuts team for deciding to subscribe, whether you choose to renew or not. And also thanks if you choose to buy from us one issue at a time. It is much appreciated in the current climate that an old-school print fanzine like ours continues to thrive and publish in the face of this madcap, ever changing modern world.

And if you do want to continue supporting us and reading the same old gibberish, the following link will take you to the subscription page:

Best wishes

The Mudhuts Team


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