Roman Holiday

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We start our search for the worst Latics centre halves with an unashamedly cliquey mention of some time Pie At Night guest John Coyne. We also see fit to include Coyney’s mate, Neil Fitzhenry and Pat McGibbon, who John claimed was rubbish and only got picked because he came from Man United. There was that goal against Colchester though….

We also threw Roman Golobart in to make up this quartet because when we did G in the alphabet, good old Roman actually encouraged fans to vote for him, and won.

In terms of the proper nominations, Ian offered up Fitz Hall, Chris opted for Steven Caldwell closely followed by Andy Webster due to the contrived nature of his move in and out of the club. Alan threw in current manager of Walsall, Jon Whitney and Jimmy, struggling for inspiration goes for Pasquale Bruno.  Ian’s choice is Emerson Thome and as we go round again, Alan chucks Leon Barnett in and Jimmy mentions Kenny Spain’s mate, Brendan Ormsby for good measure.

We then need to whittle down and exclude some of those centre halves we put in last time and perhaps don’t deserve to be in there. Such as Danny Whitehead, who inexplicably won a poll even though we’re not sure if he’s even ever played for us.

Rob Kiernan is omitted due to being too young, Joe Jakub is too obscure and because everyone voted for him last time, we scandalously omit Thomas Rogne due to him not being bad on the rare occasion he was fit. Of the others we had John Robertson and Rob Newman, again both excluded and over to the polls.

Round one involved Andy Webster seeing off the challenge of Steven Caldwell and Fitz Hall with Jon Whitney trailing in 4th.

Round two was a closely fought encounter and saw Pasquale Bruno narrowly see off the challenge of Emerson Thome and Leon Barnett with the lesser known Brendan Ormsby trailing home in 4th place.

So to Round 3 and it seems Roman didn’t quite take his inclusion so well this time, or as we suspect, he was just joshing with us. Despite a late charge by Coyney, Roman did indeed win heat 3 with local lad Neil Fitzhenry, who was a left back anyway, coming third and the McGibbon vote failing to convince many.

During our polling, it was noticed by our followers that we failed to include Erik Hagen, Antonio Amaya or Gareth Griffiths but hey RULES ARE RULES as they say so our centre back pairing is Andy Webster and Emerson Thome, Pasquale Bruno being deemed slightly too obscure to include.

Our substitute centre half is of course Roman Golobart although the public will probably want Fitz Hall and Steven Caldwell in there. Plus we don’t want to upset Roman again as he’s kind of agreed to come on a future podcast. We’re also going to put John Coyne on the bench for good measure because we know he wants to be on the pitch.

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