Sexy Football it really is Sexy Football

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Sexy Football it really is Sexy Football

Hi again

Had a great time on tuesday at Deepdale on a wet Summers night the Latics knocked the Northenders into tomorrow with a display of Sexy football thats never been seen before in a Wigan kit.

Me and my family arrived at the ground 15mins before ko just the right amount of time for a friendly match i think  my Sister introduced me to the world famous Ju East and Ere- wiggin yes we had a Notapatchon meet up and very nice it was to put faces to our Notapatchon friends.


First thing that hit me was how the Preston public had turned out
in their hundred’s, yes hundred’s a very poor showing from a set
of fans that sing to us everytime they play us “whats it like to have no fans” there was around 1,700 in the Preston end and about 2,000ish
latics fans in the Bill Shankly kop all singing the Roberto Martinez song

Never again will we have to listen to the story of when they brought
8,000 fans to the JJB then the next time they talk about it its up to 10,000 and so on, we can now say remember the time when we took 2,000
fans to Deepdale and had more fans than the home support but hey they are a big club.

First look around the now finished Stadium was a big thumbs up how i wish
the JJB looked like Deepdale

Now to the game match report here

preston  point of veiw

wigan point of veiw–

Rachid Bouaouzan what a player was Bruce mad not to have played this lad?

Jordi Gomez again what a player with us playing one upfront and Gomez playing
in the hole but not being static but running across the width of the pitch and
passing the ball around like it was on a piece of string

Cant really say a bad word about any player they all were full of Confidence and like telepaths knew were each and everyone of their fellow players were going to be

At the end the Wigan Public gave Roberto and the lads a standing ovation something that i have never ever seen at a Pre-season friendly before .


Well done Roberto and the lads

David Vincent

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