Six to go, squeaky seat time

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We have six games to save the season, old cliché I know but now it’s time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves after the recent disgraceful decisions (again) and march on to eight in a row in the Premiership.

Three at home, three away and no-one, not even the most optimistic Wigan Athletic fan can see more than twelve points going into the coffers.

With a grand total of forty points that should be enough to stay in the cheat league,  the tired old “it evens out over the season” media glib statement doesn’t apply to the clubs lower down the food chain.

Wigan Athletic have the ability and the support of a loyal fan base to do this, the premier league certainly don’t want us and a few more like us in their little closed gentlemen’s club.

However they have been stuck with us for seven seasons now, many, many more illustrious names are no longer in the top division and many have come and gone while we have stayed.

Wigan Athletic in the top flight is a remarkable achievement and vastly ignored by the national media, they patronised the club and its great supporters in the first season thinking we would quietly go away.

How disappointed must they be?

Gutted probably does not cover it for them, they have to find something to criticize, usually when it a slow news day they will harp some negative comments about WAFC and run with it ignoring the facts along the way.

Well we are looking good to give relegation a miss again, it will be tight and tense no doubt but come July when the 2012-13 fixtures are published we will be searching once again where the decisions will go against again, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge need a go on?

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