Roberto Martinez to STAY at Wigan this summer!

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Yes that’s what the headline says so IT MUST BE TRUE. Well we think. Maybe we’ll pull some quotes from a few months back where Whelan says he’s got a job as long as he wants it because I have NO NEW INFORMATION to provide, we are simply trying to GET HITS FOR OUR TWO BOB WEBSITE and STIR UP S**T for that little club we are determined to see the back of on the afternoon of one of their BIGGEST GAMES OF THE SEASON.


Sources understand Roberto Martinez will stay at the DW for the course of tonight’s game, he will then LEAVE the DW Stadium at about 11pm tonight, possibly returning at some point tomorrow morning to do a press conference. He will also LEAVE during the summer whilst he has a HOLIDAY, our sources understand, after which he may return. He may also LEAVE at some point in the future, maybe even this summer and take another job, although we don’t have any evidence from Mr Martinez or anyone else to vindicate this statement right now we are simply putting some speculative wishy washy words together in order to pad out our headline grabbing story.


Still, you’ve clicked on it now so we’ve done our job so please feel free to click on the sh**ty gambling links which pay for our web space while we find some other b*locks to write about someone else.


The club was unavailable to provide a comment at this time. Not that we bothered asking them for one.

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