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We’re back once again like a train trying to get into Wigan Northwestern station after a landslide.  To be honest, the lack of Sixy Talk hasn’t been from want of trying, but when we realised that the last article coincided with the victory at Cardiff, we decided to put some extra effort in this week and got in touch with Dave Woodhall from Villa fanzine Heroes & Villains.  So, Dave, who are ya?

We’ve been going since 1989, first in print and now available digitally with the occasional return to paper and ink – one of which is out on Saturday. We can be found debating world affairs at


1) It’s been a while, well it’s been three years but it feels like a life time, have you missed us?  Some of your readers appear happy at our ‘demise’ (see picture) how have you viewed events at Latics over the last couple of years?


That’s all just part of our well-hone cynicism and big club arrogance.  I don’t think we’ve ever been all that bothered about Wigan in general but it’s always a good day out in a plenty of tickets, good pubs, quality music in the ground type of way. 


2) How’s the billionaire owners working out?

The old one didn’t, for reasons beyond my comprehension. The new one seems fine so far but I’d be even happier if I knew a) how much he’s really worth b) where the money he’s spending comes from and c) what he wants from us. 


3) Looking back over the last five years for Villa, Wigan and Everton what’s your take on that time Roberto Martinez turned you down, was it a missed opportunity or a dodged bullet

It wouldn’t have been so bad had we had a decent alternative rather than Alex McLeish. Martinez would have done a job for us but how he could have worked under the conditions of the time and for how long he’d have put up with it is the unknown factor. 


4) You’ve been running a fanzine since 1989.  How have things changed over that time?  Are you finding it harder in this age of blogs, podcasts and 140-character journalism?

Massively. Everything from kick-off times and the type of people who go to the match to the fact that you can now read more match reports by the time you get home than there were in total in 1989 means that old-school print magazines are fast becoming irrelevant and anyone who still stands out in the cold selling them has my full admiration. 


5)  So how do you reckon the game will go on Saturday?  Your season has picked up from a bad start, who’s been key to that and we need to watch out for?  Is there any of our lot that has you worried?

It’ll be a routine win by a couple of goals. Jonathan Kodjia is scoring regularly and Albert Adomah is looking impressive at the moment. 


6)  Finally, the important stuff, pies.  Where can we get the best ones in town, what’s your filling of choice, and how do you go about eating them? 

Pies are ghastly, plebian things eaten by benefits scroungers and northerners. Us supporters of big clubs only dine in the finest Michelin starred restaurants.  


So there you have it.  A bit of “class divide” to finish.  Let’s hope Latics finally get around to showing their class (sorry, comedy ed, but it’s nearly Christmas) on Saturday.  In the meantime, thanks to Dave for giving us his time, good luck in your future endeavours and don’t get too upset after little Wigan have p*ssed on your foie gras AGAIN this weekend.

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