How we bounce back

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When your luck’s against you, your luck’s against you.

It feels like it’s been a long time since that last minute kick in the teeth at Bloomfield Road.

After having an excellent record, when playing at Blackpool for so long it feels like they’ve got a hold on us these days.

It was another disappointing performance at the seaside, made all the more disappointing after we failed to shut up shop to earn a point.

Going for the jugular showed a side with that lack of nous and probably a side with a bit of naivety running through it.

But not to worry, this is a young side.

These things will happen, what matters is how we bounce back.

The international break came at completely the wrong time. After a fantastic start of the season the two games against Barnsley and Blackpool brought us back down to earth.

I’d imagine Shaun Maloney and the players would have been smarting and would have preferred to play against Charlton but with the success of the academy now I don’t imagine we’ll be playing on international dates again for a while.

The return of Charlie Hughes is a huge plus point for Saturday. That sending off will go down in history as one of the daftest decisions we’ve ever witnessed.

Especially when the review panel subsequently threw out the appeal, saying that their job wasn’t to re-referee matches. Well what’s the point of you then review panel?

We missed Hughes distribution against Blackpool and I still maintain we would have beaten Barnsley with eleven men on the pitch.

There was the usual drama from the usual suspects in the usual places when we lost to Blackpool.

One fella described it as the worst performance in 22 years of watching Latics, which dare I say suggests he hasn’t actually been watching us for 22 years.

The Athletic did a great feature on us this week where Maloney revealed that this year’s wage bill is operating at around £14m less than last year’s and even 50% less than when we last played in League One.

It seems that the message of our impending extinction earlier in the summer hasn’t reached some bits of Wigan.

Speaking of extinction we moved out of the bottom three this week thanks to another points deduction.

This time to Reading. The second this season and for the all too familiar failing to comply with the 125% of salaries ruling from the EFL.

It brings it all back and shows just how precarious many clubs financial positions are.

Which brings me back to us.

We’re lucky to be here, that doesn’t mean the lads and the manager are immune to criticism.

But at least have a think before you’re screaming about what an embarrassment these young lads are for having the audacity to lose to Blackpool.

It’s not a good look.

Sean Livesey

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