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I’m running late and, to be honest, I don’t have very much to take the Micky out of Southampton for, so I’ll keep this short.  This week’s visitor is Chris Rann, owner of the excellently named (and well written) blog George Weah’s Cousin, he also writes for Betfair and ESPN.   Like my good self, he’s also lined up to be part of What a Corker Magazine, so this might not be the first time you come across him



Wigan Athletic, what do you really think of us?

Honestly? I think when you replaced us in the Premier League in 2005, you took on the role we had played in the early to late 90’s considerably well. The unfashionable club with the small crowds defying the odds every season. The feeling of staying up after all the experts have predicted you to go down is great and we know it only too well. Despite what the fans of the ‘big’ clubs might think there will always be a place for clubs like us in the top flight.

Let’s get it over and done with.  Nigel Adkins, can the decision ever be justified?  What will Pochettino have to achieve to remove any taint left from the way he took over?

Errr…. Let’s be straight on this, we aren’t Chelsea. Despite being disappointed with Nigel’s removal, Pochettino will have our support. While the decision is baffling to us, Nicola Cortese hasn’t got a lot wrong so far (Pardew’s sacking was equally puzzling at the time, but worked out pretty well). The more I see of Pochettino the more impressed I am, and his tactical nous and endeavour to promote our youth players fits in with our vision. I think he has the capacity to do very well.

The amount (about £28m) that Southampton spent this summer seems fairly staggering both in the context of you being a newly prompted club and Wigan’s current transfer policy.  Did you get value for money, especially given the plaudits that your academy seems to be picking up?

It seems a lot doesn’t it. It is a great deal to take in for both us and opposing fans that we aren’t a poor club anymore, effectively the bulk of that money was spent on Ramirez and Rodriguez, both of which have blown hot and cold funnily enough. The Academy will continue to produce for us, its record is fantastic and names like Isgrove, Chambers, Taggert and Seagar will likely join Shaw with first team football at some point, but to survive in this league you have to find the right balance, and our additions have been well thought through. Ramirez on his day is unplayable. Yoshida looks a bargain at £3 million.

UK Garage sensation was making love on Wednesday, is he a Southampton fan?  If he is (or even if he isn’t) would he have been disappointed by missing what sounds like the best second half from an away team at Old Trafford, EVER?  What, if anything did that game tell us about your side and how the rest of the season is likely to go for you?

We were fantastic on Wednesday, particularly in the 2nd half. It is no exaggeration to say that we made the champions elect look extremely ordinary, we just didn’t take our chances. It showed that already Pochettino is pushing his outlook onto the players, the work rate and high relentless pressing was intense and United couldn’t deal with it. Play like that every week? Relegation will not be an issue.

We’ve not a lot of history to go off.  A 3-0 FA Cup drubbing 27 years ago and a simple but uneventful game earlier this season makes it one win per club.  How do you see tomorrow’s game panning out?

I think if both teams play to their best ability then we should win, but, I don’t believe it will be an easy game by any means and we will have to be at our best for that outcome. We have a very good record against the teams around us so we should be looking to build on recent good form and taking at least a point from this.

I’m guessing you weren’t at that cup game and the Bournemouth fan we spoke to a few weeks back said that your local products are rubbish, so you’re possibly uninitiated to the world of pie obsession.  On the off chance you are, what’s your flavour of choice and how do you go about eating it?  If you don’t partake then what’s your preferred match day titbit.

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Bournemouth fans, but on this matter he is correct, the offerings at St. Mary’s are poor. I’m strictly a Balti man, and the best I have had is at Coventry City a fair few years ago. I like to eat while the filling is still red hot. The posh pies at Brighton are pretty good too.


Thanks for taking time to talk to us Chris, a little birdy tells me you’re in the posh seats tomorrow enjoy the food and hospitality, because things are too tight at the bottom right now for me to say I hope you enjoy the game.


As well as at George Weah’s Cousin you can find Chris on Twitter at @crstig




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