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And so, the end is near, and after a tumultous period, things look like they are definitely on the up for Latics. The same, however can’t be said for Blackpool. Whilst we’ve, arguably had an up and down couple of years, their life since relegation is probably best soundtracked by Status Quo. As they go down, down, deeper and down in the hands of their current stewardship thier fans have decided to say is “enough is enough” and vote with their feet.

We heard from the Blackpool Supporter’s Trust yesterday, today we catch up for some sixy talk with the lads from one of the other Blackpool fans groups The Tangerine Knights

1) Blackpool, don’t I recognise you from somewhere? Did I meet you in the Premier League?
That could and may as well be a lifetime time ago. 5 years can be a long time in life never mind football, but what has happened in those 5 years has aged every Blackpool fan we know. From what was ‘The best trip we’ve ever been on’ to a nightmare of grandeous proportions, recognise us, we don’t even recognise ourselves these days.

2) So, what brings you to these parts then? It’s a bit rough, isn’t it?
The shipping forecast is often calmer than what is happening at Bloomfield Road. With the drop in temperature and a low depression sinking over the town, rough is an understatement.
If you look back over the last 3 years in particular it’s been a case of rinse and repeat. Very little investment in the club, various managers trying to shore up the defences whilst the tsunami of a family lay waste to all in front of them.

3) Are you keeping busy? What do you do on a typical Saturday these days?
Saturday’s have been spent on either protests, planning protests, talking about planning protests, shopping (for items to use on protests)…you get the general idea.

4) and this Saturday? What are you up to, anything you think Latics fans would be interested in?
This Saturday is #JD2 Not sure if Wigan fans will understand but to us the match will be a sideshow held to the backdrop of a day of, yes you guessed it, another protest. This won’t be any protest though, it’s the sequel to the highly successful #JudgementDay held last year.
We hope that as many Latics fans can join us as possible for our march along the Prom. Easiest way to meet and join in would be to look for the big pointy thing called Blackpool Tower at around 11am.

5) Does the game even matter? If so, how do you see it going, who are you worried about from our team, anyone we need to keep an eye on in yours?
Most Blackpool fans had resigned themselves to relegation before a ball was kicked this season, yes it is that bad. The game does matter as you can secure automatic promotion, for us though it will be another nail in the destruction of our club.
David Perkins would be one for me, once met him in a take away and what a good lad he is, he’s also ex Pool so we have to say him, don’t we?
As for our team, most of them aren’t fit to wear the shirt and will probably be set up to not concede a goal, don’t worry though, they’re not even good at trying to do that.

6) so, if we’re not buying pies in the ground then where do we need to look? Who does the best pies on the Fylde coast, how do you go about eating them and with what, if any, condiments?
You Wiganers love your pies. The original march route was due to go past a Greggs, unfortunately that had to be changed and as far as I’m aware there isn’t another pie shop on the revised route. There is a chippy just around the corner by the traffic lights on Bloomfield Road/Central Drive that isn’t so bad. Personally I like a steak and ale or meat and potato (they’re not the same since they called them potato and meat) with a touch of brown sauce eaten in it’s tray, no forks for this Northern lad.
On a side note. We hope that as many Wigan fans as possible will join us on the march. If they could also NOT spend a penny inside the ground it would be appreciated. Even a little chant of ‘Oyston Out’ if they wouldn’t mind. Apart from that, enjoy the day, enjoy your promotion party and enjoy the Championship next season, we fear it’ll be a long long time until we’re back there. #FansUnited #OystonOut #JD2

Good luck yourselves and stay strong,

Keep the Faith


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