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It’s that time again. We’ve thought long and hard about our future and decided that the old legs will carry us through one more season and we want YOU to come with us by parting with a big chunk of money up front and somehow trusting us to deliver the goods once every couple of months in pristine condition direct to your door.

We were fortunate enough to have over 50 postal subscribers last season and it’s fair to say that you have a positive motivating impact on our workshy wastrels. “We can’t be arsed doing any more fanzines” we say, “It’s cold, wet and raining outside and most football fans think we are demented old sods anyway”. But what of the subscribers? Those who have carefully parted their cash up front in the hope of receiving some kind of quality product at extremely irregular intervals thoughout the football season. We can’t let them down can we? Better get scribbling again you dozy idiots eh?

So scribble we will and we expect our first issue of the season to hit the streets at the end of the month and if you are one of our equally loyal, deserving readers who prefers to pop down your local newsagent to buy one whilst sneaking a crafty peek at the top shelf, or you actually for some reason want to come up and speak to us on match day well that bit applies to you too. We are aiming to bring out our first issue of the season for the home game versus Stoke on Saturday 1st September. If you’re reading this from a “contributor’s perspective” you should be reading between the lines here without me even having to type the words “that means I should be getting my finger pulled out in the next week so that our dear subscribers have something interesting to read”.

So here’s the deal. As postage is quite frankly a rip off nowadays, we have priced it accordingly. We will aim to do between 4 and 5 issues next season, we will only charge you for four and anything else is a bonus. It costs around a quid to post each one out these days, hefty little bundle of b**locks that it is but we will only charge you £3 postage for the season. So at the very least you save a quid and if we do 5 issues you save £3.50.

So to clarify because I even lost myself somewhere amongst that, it’s £9.00 for a season of Mudhutter delivered straight to your door.

Enough blather, click here to buy:

The Mudhutter is a fanzine whose subject matter is primarily concerned with but not exclusively related to footballing matter and Wigan Athletic. Kind of like the official programme but with more swearing and worse spelling. It costs £1.50 for 44 pages and is now in it’s 8th year of circulation.


We promise you that it’s easier to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t have to rely on us to remind you when a new episode comes out.

Apple sorts can find it on iTunes here –

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You can also find us on Stitcher, here –

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And if you just want to take pot luck then you can find all our episodes on our Soundcloud page

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