Messi at Wigan Athletic’s TNS Office

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Did I get you with the misspelling?

So with 11 days to go before the start of the season for Wigan, 10 days for those not as fortunate in the eyes of the beloved Sky (amen sang in with a biblical shrill).

The offices here at TNS in Wigan have been very busy, it still very Messy, but hey, we’re still arguing on who needs to tidy up?

Back to the office;

Bernard has been posting all and sundry of the comings and goings of the players at Wigan.  For some strange reason, there are more comings than goings!  & where they are leaving, it’s on loan, so we’ll eventually get them back!

Anyway more coffee is needed for the Boss, though he is convinced karma will be restored once our Biblical story is resolved.  Oh, he’s changed his coffee to Columbian now his knees are firmly under the desk.

Jimmy, currently has his calculator out, trying to see if he can get 28 into 11 at 1 “All time Top 50 Wigan players” article a day?  So it’s looking like instead of being at the start of the Season, the unveiling of the Number 1 player will be around the 3rd game of the season when we’ll have 9 points & have just beaten Stoke!

That’s just us dreaming, did you see us at the end of the season?

Oh I’ve got in early to the office this morning, and I’ve sneakily seen who is 29, all I can say is, bought cheap, tackled like a Giraffe, sold for a fortune, then went shite (which will bring me on to something else later).

Alan’s been developing a new idea at TNS in WAFCGRAPHS, well I think it’s Alan (I’ll bring in ACAS if there is a dispute), it may have been Jimmy, I’m not sure, but you can see a couple of starter Blogs on this here & here, it’s open to anyone so if you fancy a go let us know at

Also I know Alan after getting some Polyfilla out of his hair (don’t ask it was a skirting board incident) has done some changes to the site!  Yes, you can now get back to the Home Page from the Forum page.

Peter’s mate has been to Austria.  So they’ve been working together to bring you a few Match & buffet reports from the land of Mary Poppins and Mountains.  Have a read, it’s some interesting stuff, okay I know it’s Austria & Wigan go there every Summer, but just have a look at that spread.

Steve’s unfortunately in the Dog House, he’s in the corner of the office for well……fucking up.  Okay I know we’ve all in our time screwed up before, but Peter has had to reset the counter back to zero on the sign that reads “days since last Accident”, we’d got to 48 days.

Steve’s in the corner for a few more days & we’ve let him have his Rothmans Sky Fact book for company.

It was all to do with a bright idea on the colour Green, football pitches and almost straining Peter’s eyes trying to read some of  Steve’s revamped TNS articles, he’s promised never to try any of that shit again.

Dave’s been our official Olympic correspondent for TNS.  So he’s been sat in front of the Office Bush Portable TV taking notes and shouting “Fucking Penalties” & “Come on Chris Hoy beat the &%$£’!  I’ve got a feeling Bernard or Jimmy will have to proof read his article before we issue the TNS Olympics Review.

As for me, I’ve got a stinking cold, so I’ve been left in charge of the Forum and the spell checking department.  But we did have a discussion in the office yesterday about what ever happened to some players as they left Wigan?  So including Number 29, we’ve placed them into 3 categories; Shite, Injured & Leighton Baines!

We’ll add more in another article later, but to answer the first question you may already have?  Yes, the first 2 categories are self explanatory, the 3rd category is well “doing okay”, I think we could add Jason Roberts to Leighton’s list, but we’ll explain more in a future article.

I just need to look at how to work on Excel for the Graphical representation of Amr Zaki.


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