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I’ve just found the source for the recent spate of comments from Chairman Dave.  It would appear that he’s keeping a Premier League diary for the Manchester Evening News.  Yesterdays offering was the gospel relating to Michael Owen.  We did make a bid, we spoke to is agent and it wasn’t a publicity stunt.  Owen even went to the length of ringing Mr Whelan on transfer deadline day to thank him for the interest and wish us good luck. 

Now whilst this is all interesting stuff I’m not convinced it’s the best way for the club to build its profile.  I’m sure the chairman has good intentions in what he’s doing he’s proved himself outspoken, prone to arguments and not quick to let things go.  A lot of the time he’s saying things that fans are, but there are some things that are best left to fans if you know what I mean.  Just because he knows more about the game than your average chairman doesn’t mean he can get his point across any better.

Whilst we should be proud of the fact that the people involved with running the club now are the same people that were involved at Springfield Park, indeed many of them go back much further, you can’t escape the feeling that we need to improve our public face.  One argument goes that we need a figurehead a football ‘name’ that will say the right things and attract the right players.  I’m not sure I buy into that, a Director of Football is the same no matter how you dress it up and, ok, Brenda has her faults but would you swap her for the likes of David Gill or Peter Kenyon? 

Our people are still finding their way in the big bad Premier League world and we could do with someone who can talk the talk until they can stand on their own two feet.  What we need is a media savvy front person, who believes in the club but can get that across in the right way.  I suppose in or Media and Marketing Manager, Matt Macann, we have that but his profile seems to have dropped since he joined the club.  I can’t help feeling that if he wee doing a bit more of the talking our fans, at least, might be a bit more respectful about what’s going on.

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