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I’ve a feeling I may have been a little over exuberant yesterday.  It was nice whilst it lasted, but in the cold light of day, when you look forward to our fixtures at the back end of November and first couple of weeks in December it brings you back down to earth a little.  Visits from Spurs and Arsenal are followed by trips to Anfield, Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford.  It’s hard to see what we’re going to get from those games and to be honest if we manage a couple of points out of them; I think we will have done well. 

Pessimistic?  Maybe, but if you wanted to bet on who’d be in the top five come May; these teams would be a more than reasonable bet.  In pundit speak, these teams are not playing in ‘our own little league’ and ‘anything we get from them will be a bonus’.

It’s not what we get from these games that worries me though, it’s how we come out the other side, if we can keep our performance levels up and our heads high then we can hopefully pick up where we left off, if not then the new year may be a little more gloomy than the season so far.

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