The start of the end of the Premier League

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You just knew it would happen, I am surprised it is Liverpool, but then again not as they are American owned.

So they want their own individual overseas deal, Like I Blogged last month, Spanish team have their own deal or a greater % for the branded teams. So it would only be a matter of time that English clubs do the same. So Liverpool are out the blocks first:

The overseas deal is worth £1.4BN and the top clubs want a bigger share because apparently people in Kuala Lumpur don’t want to watch Bolton. & they are scared other European teams will have an advantage.

As you’re aware Wigan’s finances are the majority TV driven and the majority of this then goes back to the players. The business model would need to be amended e.g. players sold if we had to take a cut in revenue from 2013 (if we still in the Premier League of course) as the self elected top 4 take a bigger cut of the money.

Ian Ayre @ Liverpool says he has no disrespect for Bolton & other similar clubs (which will include Wigan) but they as a club believe they & I quote:

“At some point we definitely feel there has to be some rebalance on that, because what we are actually doing is disadvantaging ourselves against other big European clubs”.


These crappy little clubs are getting our money and our revenue streams are drying up, so we need to find new ways of getting more money. We actually don’t care what happens to these clubs after this, as long as we have more money.

So back to reality.

Liverpool also know they will get their way or the big European clubs will negotiate a Europe Super League if the Premier League don’t play Ball as they say. Only concern is well there are a few:

  • When will they say they then want the UK TV deal carved up to their advantage, 2016, 2017?
  • The Premier League is very predictable, this will make it even more?
  • In the future will some Premier League team be able to continue as a going rate if they have to negotiate their own TV deals? e.g. who’d want to buy Wigan’s TV rights?


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