The TNS January Sales (Pitch)

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We’ve just had Men’s London Fashion Week and it’s been a while since we up dated you on what’s been going onto our Spreadshirt shop.   Yeah, that’s right, It’s the middle of winter, we had our first snow the other night and it’s currently freezing.  So what do we do here at This Northern Soul?  That’s right we bring you some new t-shirts.   And what’s wrong with that?  You might not be out topping up your tan, but at the very least you’ll need something to go under your jumper to stop it itching. 

So just in case you’ve missed it elsewhere, here’s the 2012/13 This Northern Shirt winter collection. (click on the headings to go to the t-shirt in our shop).


Yes, it’s an obvious joke, but a simple one.  Of course Latics have no fans, of course the ground is full of empty seats.  It would be great to see a whole stand full of these at the DW this season, firstly to drive home the point that we’re here and we’re proud, no matter what people say and secondly because it would keep the site running for the next ten years.

Also available in blue print for lighter t-shirts.



Last summer we brought you the Harry Lyon legend t-shirt celebrating one of the clubs greatest ever goals-scorers.  We resurrect that pun again this time around, and again it’s another goalscorer, second only to Andy Liddell in League goals scored for Latics and one of the best players to wear the blue and white in the pre-premier league years (if not all-time).  It’s David Lowe, looking more than a little bit like he should have been in an indie band in the early 1990s (i.e. cool).





A sensitive subject, worthy of an article in itself, but we bring you a t-shirt instead and an appropriate one to bring you at FA Cup time.  

“It’s a wonderful day out for any family to go to Wembley. When Wigan Athletic for the Freight Rover Trophy they must have taken probably 10 even 15 thousand people with them. But when we went there we must have taken 40 thousand people. It’s a tradition, it’s a weekend and yes, they’d love to go again… They’re a very successful, thriving little club and they’ve done almost everything right, they’ve signed a lot of quality juniors, but they’ve chosen the back yard of rugby league to do it in.”

Whether it’s simply patronising or a calculated blow aimed against the club it was wrong and a clear reminder of the struggle the club has had within its own town.  Never forget who your enemies are.



The 80s, eh?  Weren’t they great?  Rah rah skirts, roller discos and endless material for a thousand talking heads shows featuring Peter key, Miranda Sawyer and loads of other people you either haven’t heard of, or wish you hadn’t. 

But it wasn’t all bad and there was some classic design to come out of the decade.  Like Katharine Hamnett’s slogan t-shirts, which we’ve used as inspiration for this range of shirts.  Hamnett’s slogans might be a little more worthy than ours, but hey, we’re football fans, this is a football site, what do you expect?


All of our shirts are available at £15 of your English pounds, plus postage and packaging, in our Spreadshirt store.

Prices correct at 14/01/2013. 

TNS t-shirts are made available through the website, sales and delivery are handled by that company and not TNS, although we do recieve a commission for every shirt sold.  This is used to cover the cost of running and promoting the website, i.e. for the benefit of our members and not for personal profit.



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