The Wigan Athletic Hall of Fame

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This Northern Soul would like to propose a Wigan Athletic “Hall of Fame”

Now many will scoff at this idea. Wigan Athletic with famous players ? What a joke! Well you only need to peruse the excellent  A-Z category   here at TNS to realise your mistake. (Humble pie freely available)

Now it is an emotional issue and a very subjective decision.

The oldies will hark back to grainy blood & guts non-league days whilst decrying the very notion of these modern day cash greedy, lazy, good for nothing, soft fancy-dan modern players.

I tend to fall in between the two  eras of Latics history. 1965 was the first enchantment at the legendary  Springfield Park , a first trip to Wembley (still in the non-league) and I saw the struggle to Football League status.

Then after a bright beginning, severe financial hardships ensued but a new dawn beckoned and coupled with glorious football took us into the Premiership.

My top three to start off the WAFC-H of F sponsored by thisnorthernsoul is, and in no particular order would be …..

Arjan De Zeuuw

Ian Gillibrand.

Harry Lyon.

Many more will no doubt follow but depending on the voting I will only ease three per month into the hallowed corridors of TNS towers until we have a definitive guide to all the greats who have graced the Wigan Athletic shirt, or been a tremendous servant to the club over the years since 1932.

Please give a compelling reason why your choices should be included in the no doubt glittering array of stars @ the WAFC-H of F (sponsored bythisnorthernsoul).

Go to the General Chat  to add your thoughts & suggestions.

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