The Wigan Athletic Room 101: E is for…

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Well, E is for not much really due to the dearth of Wigan Athletic footballers whose surnames begin with the letter E. So who do we have?

Well there’s Wayne Entwistle, the Bury Butcher who was an old school old fashioned centre forward. Or “a donkey” to use the common parlance of the era. Who could forget that penalty against Sheffield United which is still trickling towards the goal line now?

Chris goes for Roger Espinoza, somewhat scandalously given he was a member of the hallowed FA Cup winning team but explains his inclusion is down to the recently updated “Morsy Rule” whereby a footballer gets exponentially better, the less games he plays. Proof that if you run around all day kicking anything that moves then the Wigan crowd will love you for it.

Erik Edman is the next entry. Again it may seem odd to throw in a player who had 60 odd caps for Sweden and an illustrious career for Spurs behind him but maybe there lied the problem. His best days behind him and just as FA Cup winners should be excluded from this humiliating ritual, anyone who played in THAT game at White Hart Lane must also be at risk of immediate inclusion.

Finally, and probably making up the numbers, it’s Richard Edghill, or Richard Edge Hill College to give him his full name, who eked out a decent career at City but who’s stay at Latics was perhaps less than memorable.

So with these four stellar names laid out, we took it to the public vote on Twitter. The way these things usually pan out is that the player who was here most recently is usually the one which wins out (or loses out if you prefer).

Yet fans’ favourite Roger “The Lodger” Espinoza was never going to take the honours was he?

Certainly not! However, he did accumulate enough votes to warrant second place, quite probably because a large chunk of our support aren’t old enough to have had the “pleasure” of watching Wayne Entwistle trundle around up front or have no idea who Richard Edghill is.


So, I’m afraid, it’s in you go Erik, you Swedish sourpuss……

The public have voted!


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