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No faffing about this week.  I’m hungover and you’ve already got two articles out of me, but as people have been busy shooting their mouths off all week about one thing or another it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t run you through the 5 subjects I expect to overhear this afternoon (or at least the 5 after the arguments over Bobby and 4-4-2).

3 is the magic number.
Today is quite possibly going to be the first time since 1946 that someone gets three hat-tricks on the bounce in the English top flight.  The man in line is Didier Drogba and his previous two were against, West Brom and… weill he’s easy to hate isn’t.  But did you know that Latics Assistant Manager, and former striking hero, Graeme Jones was once up for the honour?

Well, to be factual Jonah’s were in the fourth division, but after bagging match balls against Orient and Darlington the 28th February 1997 saw Latics line up at Doncaster with every chance of him getting a third.  As it happens, Donny avenged their 4-1 defeat at Springfield by beating us 2-0.

Faces only their mother could love
Terry, Lampard, Cole, Drogba.  Say no more.  I wonder how Chelsea fans feel about them and whether it would be different if they played for other clubs.

The Cricket
No, not scoreline predictions.  I’m expecting plenty of Wiganers will have been keeping an eye on the inevitable defeat at the Oval and I’m fully expecting the reaction to be the usual one.  Gerrum out, bloody rubbish Straus, too may foreigners and so on and so forth.  We’re well practiced at it.

I’m Clempt
Tea-time kick offs bring a dilemma.  Eat before or after?  I wonder how many will be going for the more obvious option of eating during.  The general consensus on our award winning pies is that they’re crap, but you could expect record sales this afternoon, except…

Where are you when we are shit…
Been there, done that and we all know that Latics don’t get the best of crowds, but we’ve not done that bad really.  Then we get a local derby on a sunny opening day of the season and, well you saw the crowd for the Blackpool game.  I’m in two minds about how things will pan out today, I’m not expecting a full away end because of the kick off time and why would you leave the pub when you can watch the game in 3D, you don’t get that anywhere else, do you? 

So we could end up with an even lower crowd for this one, a nice little embarrassment in front of “the watching nation” but if we win, you’ll have been there, won’t you.

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