Left Foot, Right Foot, Head #2 – Chelsea home

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Well, that regular feature did well didn’t it?  It’s nearly two months since we did the first (and so far only) one of these, so I’m guessing you need a little reminder, right?  The left foot, right foot, header, thing is just a reference to the fabled “perfect hat-trick”, of course what we’re going for here has nothing to do with hat-tricks, goals or particularly football.  What we’re aiming for here is three songs with at least a tenuous link to something that we’re interested in at the moment.

This time around, we’re beefing up our match day content and starting off with a link to today’s game.  It gets more obtuse after that but stick with us.

I don’t want to go to Chelsea – Elvis Costello
Bloody obvious really, Tall Kenny used it for an article about his failed attempt at getting away tickets a couple of weeks ago, Jimmy over at The Mudhutter used it for today’s match preview.  The irony of course is that we do, of course we bloody want to go to Chelsea.  That’s what we’re in this division for, to play against these teams, whatever the outcome, right.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride.


I can’t stand up… – Elvis Costello
You see, my overall theme is a little shaky, but I’ve gone for the back-up of picking three Elvis Costello songs.  You can take your pick on this one, I’m fully expecting this afternoon’s visitors to be spending their fair share of time on the floor and for the referee to also be falling for it, but perhaps it’s a more poignant reference to Bobby’s attempts to actually achieve something worthwhile with our little club.


Shipbuilding – Elvis Costello
Honestly?  It’s in because it’s my favourite Costello song (although I have a slight preference for the Robert Wyatt version).  It seems a little petty trying to draw a connection between Latics and a song about the difficulty of dealing with tension between an unwanted war and the prosperity that it brought to some traditional British industries, but it’s there if you look for it.  But just remember,no one dies over a football club.

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