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Is it just me (probably/possibly) but the “new” England home shirt looked a tad tacky?

I do like the simplistic minimalistic design and I’ve no doubt whatsoever that the material is the latest gizmo sweat absorbent away, piece of material since Noah built the ark but it looks like a cheap copy from the seafront in Tenerife.

You know ones I mean, racks & racks of florescent replicas from across the globe, in the main Spain, Italy, Brazil, England and for some reason unknown to me German versions in the majority.

The Bundesliga kits even out number the Beckhams, Messi, Ronaldo versions by least ten to one.

However going back to the white of England, besides me having a preference for the navy blue shorts it is the present shirt that bothers me the most.

Watching the game and having seen the preview of the design on I couldn’t weigh up was bugging me about it all then the light bulb clicked on in my grey cells.

It was the all red three lions badge that was a source of great irritation to me, that to my mind made the shirt nasty tacky looking to the naked eye.

For as long as I can remember and in my case it is a long time, the three lions the badge of my national team that represents me around this planet has been cheapened by the marketing gurus of Umbro.

The only explanation to my mind is so that the kit is just red and white, mmmm it would have looked a whole lot better if the traditional coloured lions were on.

That is what is the official badge of “team”  England is, not some design bods idea of keeping it simply with just two colours, you are altering history.

Yes I know the English flag is white with a red cross but we are talking about the long established chest emblem that is also known to the footballing community through out the world, shame on you Umbro, shame on you.

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