We’re Getting Back Together

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*Sorry, We’re getting the band back together…

Your club is in deep doo-doo, the crowds are revolting and the team looks like it’s losing interest so what else was there for us to do in latest episode of the Pie at Night Podcast to ponder the big question on everyone’s mind of the moment.  If you could form an indie band out of the current Latics squad, who would get the gig? 

With Jimmy taking on the Simon Cowell position, Chris playing Nicole Scherzinger and Ian reprising his award-winning role as Sharon Osborne we decided forego a fourth panel member to let Alan pretend to be that O’Leary fellow, anything to please his better-half.  We knew he’d find it hard not to shove his twopenneth in, so we’d get two jobs done for the price of one.

Like any good manager, we started building from the back and cast our net around for a drummer.  There was almost complete agreement on the ideal man for the job with only Jimmy differing in opinion (everyone has one, folks) throwing Sam Morsy into the mix for his similarity to Animal from the muppets, but, whether it was because of his height, his energy, his bordering on the dull reliability on the pitch or looking like a mentalist on every off-pitch photo you’ve ever seen, David Perkins was always going to be bashing the skins in our band, wasn’t he?

Next onto the bassist.  Sam Morsy gets rejected again following Alan’s suggestion that, like all good bassists, he looks the most likely to harbour a deep dark secret.  Chris and Jimmy put Dan Burn up for consideration, firstly because he’s a lanky so and so, secondly because “he has to be in there somewhere”.  Ian dissented this time suggesting Shaun Macdonald, but you cannot deny the will of the people so Burn gets to play bass, although probably not the double bass Jimmy wants him too.

We get a mixed bag for the muti-instrumentalist.  People approached this differently, Ian’s pick was based on us looking for another member of the rhythm section, pulling out Stephen Warnock, our “Mr Reliable at the back”, Jimmy on similar lines picking Warren Joyce as a bit of a spare part, whilst Chris went on looks alone to cast Alex Gilbey’s potential as a prog-rock keys-master because he’s got long hair.  Such disparity left the door wide open for Alan to claimed that our man needed to be an under-rated virtuoso, and with typical lack of consultation installed Shaun Macdonald as the man to do the stuff the rest of the band aren’t capable of.

Whilst we’re firm believers in flexible forward lines based loosely on a 4-3-3 beat, the laws of Indie stereotypes required a front two.  A singer and a guitarist, one to be all poetic and whimsical, the other to be brilliant and moody one for the girls and the other for the boys to fancy.

Everyone agreed this was where the talent lay, but no one agreed on who it should be.  The first question was whether we’d have any talent in a band from Warren Joyce’s squad or whether it would be kept off stage.  Griggs got a mention in both roles, for physical appearance (not that Chris is shallow), for his Marr like ability to strike a pretty chord amongst a load of misery and, again like Marr, he’d been getting slated whilst working hard to keep the band together.

In the end, your man Morsy took the axe over anyone else for his brooding intensity.   His partner wasn’t to be Perkins or Burn because we’re not having that sort of band around here and, in Joyce’s last meaningful action as Latics manager, Grigg’s participation was vetoed.  Yanic’s name was mentioned as a live fast die young type, whose petulance had seen him jacking it in already, leaving the band searching round for a replacement.

As is usually the case, they went for the nearest match and as someone had said Obertan was a left-winger he was auditioned and in place quicker than a Latics managerial interview.  Typically, in these situations, it looks like we’ll have to wait an album or two before we find out if he’s any good or not.

Conversation then turned to the band’s name (which can’t be reproduced for censorship reasons) and manager, which went on for a bit longer than you’d think, but you can listen to them on the podcast later (details are at the bottom of the article).

Apologies for cutting you off there, but we’re kind of excited because the band, hot off their first tour, are ready to release their first record, and we’ve got a hot of the iMovie presses EXCLUSIVE look at the video.  So, here it is….



You can catch more of this nonsense on the Pie at Night Podcast.  Episode 20 – Shy Talk and the lost causes is available now through your favourite podcast app, our soundcloud page or by listening on the player below.  Have fun.



See you on the other side…




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